The Cataract Cure E-Book – By Marios Kyriazis, MD

Non-surgical cataract treatments

The Cataract Cure E-book is a resource for all persons interested in knowing about alternative approaches to eye care, approaches that are still proven, scientific and based in clinical experience.

Written By Marios Kyriazia, M.D.  Dr. Kyriazis is one of Britain’s top anti-aging physicians and is internationally recognised as a pioneer in the field. He is a bio-gerontologist with a medical degree and postgraduate degrees from King’s College, London and the Royal College of Physicians. He has written many books for both the medical professional and the public alike and his articles have been widely published. In 1991 Dr. Kyriazis founded the British Longevity Society, one of the earliest societies in the field still operating today.

You can Download the E-book for Free here:The Cataract Cure E-book

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Product Description

Dr. Marios Kyriazis brings a wealth of medical expertise to one of the most important breakthroughs in recent times to help combat a disease called ‘senile cataract,’ a disease that affects one in five people over the age of 55.

In the past, the only treatment available for this chronic condition was surgery, which by its very nature can lead to serious complications. We must also consider that the replacement of a natural lens with a plastic one leads to a loss in accommodation; in brief a plastic lens is not as good as a natural one.

But now other non-surgical treatments are available, in particular the Russian development of N-acetyl-carnosine. In clinical trials this eye-drop treatment has shown dramatic and impressive results in treating age related cataracts.

Furthermore, The Cataract Cure also covers other associated eye disorders including;

• Glaucoma
• Macular degeneration
• Infection of the cornea
• Dry eye syndrome
• Computer vision syndrome
• Eyestrain
• vBlurred vision

You can Download the E-book for Free here:The Cataract Cure E-book

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