Epitide® Oropeps – Epithalamin®

Triggers protein synthesis in the pineal gland

Epiptide® / Epithalamin® acts as an epiginetic switch that triggers protein synthesis in the pineal gland.

Benefits include:

  • Normalizing cyrcadian rythms.
  • Relieving fatigue.
  • Improving mental performance and memory enhancement.
  • Increasing Stress-resistance.
  • Advanced delivery form, ensuring active ingredient is absorbed directly in the mouth.
  • Zero excipients, gelatin, cellulose, GMO’s or preservatives.

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following categories

Bioregulators Nutritional Supplements Others Peptides Synthetic Treatments

This product has the
following ingredients

Arginine L-arginine Selenium Zinc

This product is associated with the following health conditions

Age Related Mental Decline Alertness Antiaging Circadian rhythms Cognitive Concentration Focus Memory Sleep Disorders

Product Description

Dietary supplement with Zinc, Selenium, Nervonic acid, Amino acids and Amino acids complex.

Epithalamin® has proven itself to be one of the most effective geroprotective substances developed in recent decades. Its properties, activity and safety as a short peptide complex has been extensively studied and tested by leading internationally acclaimed scientists, showing positive results in promoting healthy longevity and life extension.

Epithalamin® acts as an epigenetic switch, triggering protein synthesis in the pineal gland. This leads to normalization of melatonin production, immune enhancement and telomerase activation.


30 Servings

Take 1 chewable 300mg tablet once per day


Amino Acids Complex: 30mg

Nervonic Acid: 20mg

L-Glutamine:  4,140mg

L-Aspartic Acid:  3,120mg

Zinc:  2.7mg

L-Alanine:  2.6mg

L-Leucine:  2.45mg

Glycine:  2.27mg

L-Arginine:  2.05mg

L-Lysine:  1.8mg

L-Serine:  1.6mg

Selenium: 100μg

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