Beat jet lag, fatigue and insomnia

Epitalon® is a synthetic vegan friendly version of the Endoluten pineal bioregulator. The short peptide Epitalon® acts as an epigenetic switch to promote protein synthesis in the pineal gland. It contains amino acids that re-align the internal body clock and produces the correct amount of natural melatonin, the internal clock is now regarded as a key feature of a healthy and long life.

Epitalon® works to:

–          Normalizes level of melatonin

–          Adjusts circadian rhythms

–          Reduces insomnia

–          Prevents travel fatigue and jet lag

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 
Free of any side effects and is compatible with all other medications or products.

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Product Description

Epitalon is also proven to have incredible benefits to support the action of Circadian rhythms. Disrupting circadian rhythms though shift work, jet lag etc, disrupts the rhythms of hundreds of genes that are normally working to maintain, repair and protect the body. Maintaining circadian rhythms is crucial for a healthy, productive and long-lasting life.

Why is the pineal gland important?
The Pineal gland is a small pea shaped gland in the brain, it produces and regulates hormones- including melatonin.

If you suffer with a sleep disorder, it could be a sign that your Pineal gland isn’t producing the correct amount of melatonin. 

The pineal gland may also play a role in the regulation of female hormones and may even affect the menstrual cycle and fertility. A former study also suggests that melatonin may also help to protect against cardiovascular disorders.

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