Curaderm (BEC5®)

World's first anti-Cancer skin cream

BEC5 cream, also known as Curaderm, is effective on benign tumours such as sun spots, age spots, Keratoses and Keratocanthmoas.


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Product Description

Bec 5 Curaderm – the convenient and effective skin cream

BEC5 is effective on sun spots (keratosis) and other kinds of persistent skin irregularities: Proven in numerous published studies over many years, (please Google for details), BEC5 can prevent invasive surgery.

Why take BEC5 Curaderm Cream?

  • Remove keratosis (sun spots)
  • Acts on persistent skin irregularities
  • No invasive surgery
  • Safe to use and protects normal skin tissue
  • Uses natural plant extracts
  • Fast, effective, results

The BEC5 cream contains active ingredient, Solasodine Glycosides, derived from eggplant and a less well-known plant from Australasia, the Devil’s Apple.

After two decades of research, the biochemist Dr Bill Cham discovered that the natural cream works by stripping away a sugar called Rhamnose which is not found on healthy cells. After this has happened the immune system induces apoptosis and removes the unhealthy cell.

BEC5 has been proven to be effective on keratosis (sun spots) and even age spots, often removing them within days. However, to discover what else it can do one has to read Dr. Cham’s book ‘the cancer cure.’

Note: BEC5 should not be used on moles.


Using the cream is extremely simple. Clean the area concerned with a mild antiseptic, (we recommend Hibiclens®) then dry and apply the BEC5 thickly over the area. Do this twice a day and cover it with a micro-pore dressing (to keep it moist).

  • Minimum use: seven days
  • Maximum use: three months
  • Avoid contact with your eyes
  • Do not use internally

Below is a selection of the most commonly asked questions on BEC5.

Disclaimer: Please consult a physician to determine any precise medical needs; these answers are merely here to provide information based on published resources.

1. I’ve noticed swelling and redness around the areas I’ve applied BEC5, is this normal?

This is more than likely a reaction to any antiseptic you’re using rather than the cream itself. It’s important that the affected area on your body is cleansed with antiseptic before applying BEC5.

2. How long will it take for me to see worthwhile results?

Typical treatment periods can include 8 to 12 weeks of applying the cream twice a day. The length of time will differ depending on a number of factors, including the area’s location and the severity of its condition.

3. Are there any precautions I should take when applying Curaderm cream?

Ensure you keep treated areas constantly moist. This can be done by keeping said area out of direct contact with sunlight. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying the cream.

4. Can I cover the areas that I apply BEC5 cream to?

Yes, a micropore dressing can be used to cover areas that the BEC5 cream has been applied to, and should be changed after each application, at least twice a day.

5. Can Curaderm cream be applied to all areas of the body?

BEC5 can successfully be used on all areas of the body, but issues can arise when these zones are located on or in proximity to areas that emanate liquid, such as the eyes or mouth. Wet zones, like the inside of the mouth, will require extra application, and may take longer to heal. If not cared for properly, the BEC5 may falter in particularly liquid-heavy spots.

Curaderm (BEC5®) Testimonials


Dear IAS,

I have used the CURADERM BEC 5 with success. I applied the cream during 6 weeks this summer. Two SCC have completely disappear and one BCC on the edge of the nose near the eye is also removed.

I practised simultaneously during 6 months 3 injections per week of viscum album pini 0,1 mg.

I’m very satisfied. Thank you very much for the quality and the efficiency of your cream!

Best regards



Thank you for sending my order so quickly! I wanted to share my experience with BEC5 Curaderm.

Before I knew about Curaderm, I had MOHS surgery for a BCC on my face. There was scarring, nerve damage, and it took many months to heal. A year later, the dermatologist found another BCC in a different area on my face. That is when I searched for another way to treat this type of skin cancer. I am very pleased with the results of the BEC5 Curaderm cream. After using BEC5 Curaderm cream for 10 weeks, there was new pink skin where the skin cancer used to be. I returned to the dermatologist a few months later. The dermatologist verified that the BCC was gone, and there was no scarring or nerve damage to that area. The pink skin has faded to a normal color.

The results of the BEC5 Curaderm cream were definitely superior to the results from a MOHS surgery, and the complete treatment and healing time was much faster. I am so happy with the results that I share the information about this remarkable product with all of my friends. Since then, some of my family and friends have had the opportunity to use Curaderm on their BCCs, and their dermatologists have also verified that the skin healed completely. Thank you so much for offering this product, and for sharing the daily photo diary of someone else that used Curaderm as well. It was a valuable resource I treated my own BCC.


I have skin cancer on my hand. I have had 4 tumors removed surgically with the 1st being so big when it was removed I had to have skin grafting done. Since then I have had 3 more removed surgically. Then we heard about Curaderm BEC5 on the Dr. Oz. television show and decided to give it a try because I had more tumors coming back. My family doctor said the next step was to have the tumors removed but have my hand attached to my stomach for the skin grafting. My family doctor is not supportive of my decision to use BEC5 cream but my plastic surgeon was and he is now watching the progress of the tumors and the last appointment with him he said the tumors had shrunk 75% which confirms the cream works! Then our main road block happened…two of the tubes of cream have been lost in the mailing process and we have had to wait 28 days until they will send a replacement tube and then if all goes well it takes another 2 weeks for that tube to arrive…so the tumors begin to grow again which was a huge step backwards – twice. Don’t hesitate to use this product it works!!!


Hello there!

Well, I have interesting testimony for you.

I had to cancel an order of Curaderm recently because my lesion left from treating my deep-rooted carcinoma over the last eight months was looking bad enough that I really wanted a physician to look at it. (The wound had nearly closed once, reopened very wide again, and was on the path of closing once more, but not before a second lesion had opened and begun to close next to it.)

The dermatologists were pretty terrified at how the lesion looked, and I was set to get a skin shave biopsy to determine exactly which type it was. It was cut right between the two lesions on my arm.

The doctor’s assistant called me back about five days later saying I needed to get new biopsies, deeper skin-punch biopsies since the dermatologist was apparently very confused that my skin shave was completely clean of cancer.

I got the two new biopsies, and it was determined that the cancer must have just been very deep. I was set up to have the surgeon give me a final examination before she decided to operate.

After she analyzed my final tests, she called me and said that they weren’t exactly sure of how, but all the cancer was completely gone.

Figured you’d enjoy another success story of Curaderm! God knows I’m certainly enjoying the results!


I used BEC5 on my left forearm for Squamous Cell and it totally removed the lesion. I had Mohs done a month later on the area and the findings were confirmed. I will use this again if the need arises. The difference in cost compared to surgery is 10 to 1…………That is a HUGE difference


I have good news to report. After one month of applying BEC5 twice a day, the lesion is now 50% covered with new tissue. It took me a while to be able to distinguish the new from the old eschar which needed debridement. I had the help of a retired doctor for this. It still burns when I apply it but I can deal with that. For the record the original dime-sized lesion grew to a scarry-looking large quarter size of raw flesh before it started to heal. I did use Neosporin twice for 4 hours only when it was oozing yellow. And I had difficulty keeping it moist when it reached as far as my hairline. But I found that as long as it was totally covered by the Micropore, it was OK. You may pass this on to other intrepid first-time users along with my phone number. It is good to have someone to ask questions of. Thank you so much for encouraging me to do this. It is by far the best approach we have to healing squamous cell carcinoma and keratoses.


This is GREAT stuff. I have used it on 2 small skin cancers, and it DOES destroy only the cancer cells. I feel that. Am grateful that it doesn’t leave “craters” in my skin, the way other treatments have.


Just a follow up on my treatment with Curaderm. The treatment has been successful with a lesion that has persisted on my decollage and after 1.5 weeks of treatment it has healed over completely. I am thrilled with this result and this takes to the number five of skin cancers that I have successfully treated with Curaderm. Thank you so much for offering this great product.


Just wanted to let you know that I applied BEC-5 to my plantar wart (after my dermatologist suggested I try it) once a day, covered with a waterproof band aid. In exactly one week it (and a relatively large piece of skin about 2mm depth) peeled off. Thought you should know.


I am so happy to announce that this product BEC 5 that you sent to me is a miracle worker! I received your product about 2 months ago and applied the cream as perscribed for ‘squamas cell’ cancer on my face and it WORKED fantastically! My face just has a small light red spot left. And as your directions state that will disappear with time.

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