Boluoke® (Lumbrokinase)

Unique enzyme that improves blood circulation

Defend against blood clots with Boluoke.

Preventing the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes can be easily achieved with a dose of Boluoke.

For improved blood health and prevention of coagulation of blood platelets, which can form blood clots, there’s no safer or more effective supplement.

Product Description

Defend against blood clots with Boluoke

You can improve your blood flow by taking a natural blood-thinning enzyme.

What are the benefits of Boluoke?

  • Aims to assist cardiovascular health
  • Defends against brain related blood flow risks
  • Combats blood clots
  • Aids methylation within the body
  • Very pure and easy to digest

What is the active ingredient in Boluoke capsules?

Boluoke capsules contain an enzyme, lumbrokinase, derived from earthworms, an animal used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine. Only in recent decades has the lumbrokinase enzyme’s effectiveness as an anticoagulant been clinically proven by a number of scientists, including Dr Hisashi Mihara, who successfully extracted it from the lumbricus rubellus earthworm.

Can lumbrokinase be used to prevent clotting?

Boluoke lumbrokinase supplements have been developed since the 1980s and now provide an effective treatment against the blood clots that cause fatal heart attacks and debilitating strokes.

Despite its anticoagulant properties, Boluoke does not stop normal coagulation, so there is no danger of haemorrhaging by taking Boluoke — a risk with other treatments.

Instead, it breaks down fibrin: a protein that plays a key role in the type of coagulation that causes dangerous blood clots.

Boluoke versus coumadin

There are a number of blood-thinning drugs commonly available, including aspirin and coumadin.

Aspirin isn’t an effective prevention against clotting, while coumadin — also known as warfarin — may be an effective anticoagulant but also increases calcium in your blood system leading to potentially hardened arteries and higher blood pressure.

Boluoke is just one form of lumbrokinase supplement, but it is the only type to have been thoroughly tested in major clinical studies.

The studies indicate that its consistent quality make it a reliable long-term choice for combating blood clots.

The advantage of choosing a boluoke lumbrokinase replacement for coumadin is that it can be taken orally three times a day with a balanced healthy diet, including vegetables rich in vitamin K, which can make coumadin less effective.

Boluoke’s effect on cardiovascular health

People seeking to improve their cardiovascular health have also benefited from taking Cardio Pro , which, like Boluoke, reduces the risk of strokes and fatal heart attacks.

A daily dose of Boluoke is designed to improve your arteries and help you feel confident to do more exercise.

Taking Boluoke

Boluoke can be taken daily to prevent harmful coagulation of blood platelets or taken with another thrombus-treating medicine. Taken 30 minutes before meals a Boluoke dosage of one to three tablets daily will support the blood’s anti-clotting role and maintains a balance of just the right amount of blood coagulation enzymes within the system. Even though reaction against lumbrokinase in Boluoke is extremely rare, and side effects are equally unlikely, you should always consult your doctor before commencing any course of treatment.

It’s simply amazing to think that this easy to take oral enzyme is a way to prevent the biggest cause of heart attacks and strokes in the Western World. When we add in the fact that the surprising properties of the earthworm have been harnessed initially from the Far East, then we have a solution that’s truly changing medicine worldwide.

Please note: Boluoke should only be consumed with your physicians advice if you are already being prescribed other blood thinners such as Coumadin.
Boluoke® (lumbrokinase) is now corn-free and uses acid-resistant vegetarian capsules


Q. I am having surgery soon for a minor complaint. Is it safe to continue to use Boluoke?

A. Naturally one should always follow your physician’s advice and if you are given a ‘blood thinner’ before, during or after surgery then Boluoke should NOT be combined. As a general rule, it is advised that Boluoke NOT be used within 15-days pre or post surgery.

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