Blood Vessel Bioregulator (Vesugen®)

Normalizes function of the blood vessels

Vesugen® is a Synthetic version of the Peptide Bioregulators complex containing amino acids that contribute to the normalization of the functional state of the blood vessels.

A clinical study established the effectiveness of Vesugen® in the complex treatment of patients suffering from atherosclerosis of the heart, brain and lower extremity vessels, impaired microcirculation in various organs and tissues, and psychoemotional stress, as well as for the prevention of vascular diseases in elderly and senile people.

Product Description

As a result of many years of research, a new approach to the search for physiologically active peptides has been developed. Based on the analysis of the amino acid sequence of polypeptides, short peptides with 3 amino acids, which are the ‘active centre’ of the preparation based on animal-based extracts, were released from animal organs and tissues.

A new class of natural biologically active food additives – parapharmaceuticals, has received the general name Cytogens®. In terms of effectiveness, these short peptides are superior to preparations based on extracts, act in minimal dosages without causing any side effects. This class of bioregulators has no analogues in the world’s practice.

The difference between the synthesized peptide bioregulators (Cytogens) over the natural peptide bioregulators (Cytomax’s) is the Cytogens are faster acting at the initial stages, however their effects do not last as long as the natural Cytomax’s who generally can take longer to act, but last much longer.  Therefore, it is recommended to kick-start your program with the synthetic Cytogens before swiftly moving over to the natural Cytomax equivalent.

Ingredients: Peptide Complex AC-2 (lysine, glutamic acid, aspartic acids). Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose (E460, flowing agent), gelatin (encapsulating agent), lactose (excipient-humectant), calcium stearate (E470, emulsifier).

Directions: 1–2 capsules one to two times daily, 30 minutes before meals. Duration: 1 month. Repeat every 4–6 months.

Blood Vessel Bioregulator (Vesugen®) Testimonials


We have waited 11 years to hear our [autistic] son speak, and after the one month use of Cerluten, he is showing great promise…

Mrs. D.J., USA


I can tell you that Visoluten® for the eyes was like a miracle for client who had been told she would be blind for the rest of her life. It gave her back her sight.

M.M., Minnesota


I found them to be highly effective. I have bronchiectasis since I was 2 years old. I also have lone permanent atrial fibrillation. I took three together, pineal, heart and circulation. By the third day I had feeling returning to my feet, which are always swollen with edema. I have also noticed that I am breathing much easier with much less fluid collecting in my lungs. As well my muscle responses to moving are much sharper as well as an improvement in my sight. My eyes also improved, surprisingly, probably from the circulation. Amazing new options for people to maintain their health.

Thank you


Some time ago I tried your Visoluten product for my eyes. I have always been very near sighted. I had a radial keratonomy in 1992 to correct my vision, but it has been slowly deteriorating with age. I cannot say the product made a notable difference until one day I noticed that the “ghosts” I had, that were from some scarring from the radial keratonomy, were gone. I have had them for over 20 years. And now they are gone. The only thing I can think of is that the peptide cleared them up.

Thank you


Hi, I purchased the Testoluten peptide complex. I started taking it right after a blood draw for getting my testosterone level checked. That test gave me a reading of 586ng/dl. After taking the product 2 per day for 10 days. I waited a week and had another blood draw to get another testosterone reading. That reading was 769 ng/dl. A nice rise of 183!

Thank you


Hello – I have multiple health problems, and thanks to the use of the peptides that you have been able to provide, I have been able to get a grip on some of my problems and greatly alleviate them. I have atrial fibrillation, ankylosing spondylitis (arthritic disease), chronic pain syndrome (degenerating discs), kidney stones, chronic diarrhea from a (discontinued) heart medication, burned-out adrenals from prostate cancer treatments, depression (surprise!) Using the peptides, I started with a single packet of each. After a concussion I used a second package for the brain. With the circulation peptide, I noticed in a few days that I had warmer hands and feet, and no more angina when doing heavy activities! My intestinal probelms stopped. My cardiac rhythm is much less affected by palpitations and (no more) tachycardia. My eyesight has definitely improved, considering I’ve had multiple retinal detachments in both eyes, my retinal surgeon finds it “miraculous” that I can see at all with all the scars and tears from surgery. Now I’ll have to change my glasses because of improved vision! Even after three months (the “placebo” effect should be finished by then) I still have great circulation, better mood, memory, and overall less painful movement. I have actually been able to cut the major narcotics I have to take for pain by 30% in four months and my blood tests and brain scan are those of a man 30 years younger than my 65 years! WOW. I am now about to embark on intensive therapy (3 boxes/month) to really improve some of the functions that were the most damaged/limited. What a wonderful feeling to be able to take back your health! Thanks so much to IAS for bringing these products to us.

WK, Canada

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