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  • A combination of natural ingredients to help the body excrete estradiol
    Made in EU
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    100 capsules

    DIM Pro 2 effectively restores the body’s equilibrium as a powerful estrogen detoxifier. Protects against a modern phenomenon: increasing levels of estrogen in the world, leaking into the food chain from the likes of contraceptives, plastics, pesticides and today’s manufacturing processes. DIM Pro 2 effectively restores the...

  • Natural Peptide Bioregulator - normalizes the function of your Testes (men only)
    Made in RUSSIA
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    20 Capsules

    For the TESTES and can help support and improve conditions related to weak testosterone production and associated issues including libido, erectile dysfunction and male infertility. May be combined with Ventfort® and Libidon® The typical way to dose any peptide bioregulator is to initially take an ‘intensive’ course which is 2 capsules a day for 30-days... For the TESTES and can help support...