Testosterone, The Therapy for Real Gentlemen- Book by Thierry Hertoghe MD

By Thierry Hertoghe, MD.

This handbook is entirely dedicated to testosterone therapy. Why did I decide to focus on this hormone in particular? Because testosterone is one of the most valuable medical treatments in medicine. Adequate testosterone levels are critically important for men to keep high energy levels, a good moodsharp mental capacities, and, thus, stable professional performance. Testosterone also keeps men’s hearts and arteries working well, their muscles toned and strong, maintains low fat storage, and it is indispensable for reproduction, sexual pleasure, and performance.

Testosterone, The Therapy for Real Gentlemen, is designed to increase the physician’s skills in testosterone treatment. Teaching the reader efficacy and safety in applying testosterone treatment is the main aim of the book.

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Product Description

Testosterone therapy, the handbook for physicians is an innovative book, based on Dr Hertoghe’s vast experience that tells physicians what they need to know about testosterone to administer it to men.

  • Where and how much testosterone is produced
  • Testosterone’s physical and psychological benefits for men and prevention of age-related diseases
  • The safety of testosterone in testosterone deficiency and unsafety of not treating the deficiency
  • Info on potential risks and how to overcome them
  • How to diagnose testosterone deficiency: symptoms, signs (with pictures) and best laboratory tests
  • At what age on the average to start with testosterone treatment
  • The 30 steps to increase testosterone naturally without testosterone supplementation
  • How to treat with testosterone: bioidentical testosterone or anabolic steroids
  • When to give testosterone systemically and when topically
  • Which type of testosterone, which route of administration, which doses of testosterone
  • How to start treatment: low or high dose, or just the appropriate dose, personalizing the therapy
  • How to follow up testosterone treatment
  • How to adjust the dose to sports activities, increased stress situations, disease, or decreased activities
  • How to solve problems during the follow up: acne, insufficient improvement, edema and other excess testosterone signs, smaller testicles, decreased fertility, …
  • The causes and risks of high estrogen levels; the inconvenience of a high DHT-low testosterone imbalance; how to achieve the right balance between testosterone, estrogens, and DHT
  • How to solve specific men’s problems: male pattern hair loss, breast enlargement, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, prostate hypertrophy, prostate cancer
  • Tips from experienced doctors
  • Frequently asked questions: can testosterone therapy inhibit testicular function, cause infertility, prostate cancer, what to do with bodybuilders, how to cure the finasteride syndrome, …
  • Questionnaires for patients with online links to a “testosterone adequateness questionnaire” and a youTube channel for practical info on hormone therapies, including testosterone therapy, for patients
  • Extensive lists of scientific references to support the information and a physician’s practice
  • Addresses for training opportunities, and so much more

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