Avoiding Free Radicals and Unnecessary Radiation

Written by LIPPMAN, Ph.D., Richard

Recently, I bumped into a close friend, Rhona outside of the Whole Foods™ market. Her husband is a prominent dentist and a close friend of mine. Rhona related to me a new development in dentistry. She enthusiastically explained that the latest dental X-ray machine emits even lower doses of radiation than its predecessors. I remained skeptical. I countered with the simple fact that any radiation from X-rays, lasers, and CAT scans is dangerous to our DNA and longevity. She assured me that her husband’s new device is safe. Knowing the dangers of radiation, I asked her if the new device was adjusted to its lowest setting for high-quality picture resolution. She flushed and squirmed and could not answer me directly.

Too often, people, even medical professionals, buy into the marketing propaganda of X-ray, CAT scan, and laser companies because the underlying chemistry and physics of these free-radical emitting devices is generally poorly understood, except by some scientists. However, it appears that there is a correlation between a doubling of some forms of cancer and a doubling in the use of irradiating devices in the last 30 years. The science behind free radicals and radiation supports this theory.

After an even deeper reddening on her cherub face, lovely blonde Rhona fell silent. She believed that I was correct, but she dare not oppose her husband and his dentist colleagues. Then, in sympathy, she mentioned that the FDA does not protect patients’ health but instead supports billion-dollar profits for the pharmaceutical industry (called ‘Big Pharma’). Indeed, I explained that Big Pharma employs 800 lobbyists in Washington, D.C. that exert a strong influence over Congress. This huge lobbying effort paid off in 2005 when Congress extended unfunded Medicare benefits for prescription drugs.

But I digress from economics. Let us return to free radicals and my lovely friend, Rhona, the dentist’s wife.

Free Radicals Damage Biological Organisms

I suggested to Rhona that we should consume ‘radio-protective’ substances when we expose ourselves to X-rays, CAT scans, or laser treatments. In the past, I have consumed 400 mg of prescription penicillamine one hour before dental and other free-radical-induced procedures. Then I invented ACF (aging control formula) and had it clinically tested, patented, and registered with the FDA in Sweden and Italy. (For the complete history, please read my book Stay 40.) I switched to several capsules of ACF228™ that I consume one hour before all dental appointments.

During recent years, I grew tired of the standard thinking among dentists that ‘routine-X-rays-are-safe.’ I even offered several dentists an extra $75 if they would pretend to take a ‘virtual X-ray’ of my teeth. Fortunately, this tactic stopped their sales pitches about X-ray safety. I always remind all dentists that X-rays, CAT scans, and lasers generate free radicals that damage biological organisms beyond any hope of repair. This damage is akin to the cracking and scrambling of an egg. Indeed, there is no going backward from scrambled eggs to an undamaged yellow egg yolk and egg white. Also, scrambling an egg causes its cholesterol to denature into a mix-match of proteins. No one should accept his or her body being scrambled by irradiating devices!

Interestingly, some of the effects of human aging – graying hair, wrinkled skin, and shrunken bodies – are attributable to a lifetime of accumulated free-radical damage that ‘scrambles’ our cells and is only partially repaired by hormone correction, exercise, and nutrient therapies.

Philosophically Speaking, Are Free Radicals Normal? Is Aging Normal?

Free radicals are not normal when produced by extraneous irradiating medical devices, nuclear reactors, and nuclear bombs. However, because all mammals breathe oxygen and oxygen reacts with metals in the body to produce some free radicals, a low level of free radicals is acceptable if we consume strong scavengers to negate their deleterious effects – note this possible with vitamins C and E.

The question of ‘normalcy’ intrigues me. For example, Mississippi has the highest level of obesity in the USA where 80% of the population is considered medically obese. However, if you were to visit this state and ask its residents if they considered themselves of normal weight, most would agree! Secondly, most Americans consider themselves to be of ‘normal health;’ yet very few are in superior health. The truth is that most Americans are in poor to average health despite their fondest illusions.

Despite fondest illusions, another truth is that most Americans are aging rapidly, especially after age 45, despite remedies being available that can alleviate many signs and symptoms of aging. Thus, for those who manage to escape their strong illusions and apply scientific logic to their lives; please consider the following reasoning and therapies presented in this article.

Types of Free Radicals, the Most Reactive and Toxic Substances on the Planet

I briefly explained to the lovely Rhona that there are two important types of free radicals. The first is the superoxide anion radical, symbol O²ˉ●. X-ray machines are one source of these and breathing atmospheric oxygen is another. Breathing and metabolizing pounds of oxygen daily creates less than an ounce of superoxide anion radicals which, in turn, damage cells and DNA unless our enzymatic defenses, mostly superoxide dismutase and catalase, are in top working condition. These enzymes are often defective in people over the age of 50. Thus, supplements are needed, such as ACF 228™ and ubiquinol.

Secondly, another important free radical is the hydroxyl radical, symbol ●OH. We have no enzymatic defenses against hydroxyl radicals, and thus, I again recommend ACF228™ which contains powerful radical-scavengers such as my patented NDGA, BHT, catalase, selenium, and l-methionine. You will not find many of these scavengers in other products because, unlike my competitors, I have been researching and publishing on the topic of radical-scavengers since 1978. For more details, read my book, Stay 40.

Hydroxyl radicals exist for only nano-seconds since they instantly react with chemical violence with anything vulnerable in a living cell

If you are curious about this nano-second reaction speed, try putting your hand, or better still, a piece of meat, in front of an industrial laser or X-ray machine. The meat vaporizes almost instantly, which is rather akin to the fictional phaser blast in the TV series Star Trek. A second example is found in physics labs where my scientist colleagues routinely irradiate ordinary water with a ‘cobalt 60 cannon’ – a device similar to those used in CAT scans and X-ray machines. These scientists then measure hydroxyl radical formation. I personally have vaporized many samples of meat, and this valuable experience allowed me to clearly visualize the damage to living cells when they were irradiated, especially by X-rays, CAT scans, and lasers. ACF 228™ neutralizes hydroxyl radicals and prevents cellular damage.

Star Trek’s fictional use of phasers for stunning or vaporizing enemies is not that far-fetched from the reality of our lives in the 21st century. The truth is that free radicals are the most reactive and toxic substances on the planet, a truth that is either ignored by or simply unknown to many. Interestingly, Sir Winston Churchill once said that many people stumble over the truth, pick themselves up, brush themselves off, and go about their day as if nothing had happened!

Protecting Ourselves against Free Radical Attack

As mentioned previously, if we are under the age of 50 years old, we often have an abundance of free-radical protecting agents in our cells. Of paramount importance are the two protecting enzymes catalase and SOD (superoxide dismutase). Secondly, our primary antioxidant and free-radical scavenger is l-glutathione (l-glut). In lung epithelial cells, l-glut maintains a 140-times concentration gradient versus the amount of l-glut in our serum blood. This 140-times gradient of l-glut protects our lung cells from the constant bombardment of oxygen breathed in from the air. If this 140 gradient is defective, our lung cells protect themselves by producing excessive mucus; thus, the beginnings of asthma symptoms and other pulmonary problems. Correcting with a corticosteroid sprays helps, but correcting with vitamins C and E has only marginal effects on preventing aging and cellular damage. The best solution employs multiple natural remedies such as liposomal glutathione, ACF228™, Digestif™, HGH, and IGF1. In the event of an asthma attack induced from heavy aerobic exercise and consequent cascading of free radicals, such as superoxide and hydroxyl, I always inhale a finely ground, l-glutathione powder, and my lung mucus production slows within minutes! See more information in my book, Stay 40.

Furthermore, I recommended, not only to Rhona, but everyone I discuss these concerns with, to engage in moderate, non-aerobic daily exercise, such as swimming or a two-hour daily walk as practiced by many Europeans and Japanese. Moderate exercise naturally increases our reserves of SOD and catalase. Secondly, for those over the age of 50, I recommend daily balancing of lung epithelial cells and other vital cells in the body with supplements such as liposomal glutathione, ACF228™, Digestif™, HGH, and IGF-1. These provide sustained 24/7 neutralization of toxic radicals.

As you can imagine; all of these components work together synergistically for proper lung cell health. Thus, they should be consumed together in a daily regimen since they aid all cells throughout the body. Remember that there isn’t a single ‘magic bullet’ for cell health unless one believes the marketing propaganda produced by Big Pharma.

Other Benefits from Supplements

Rhona told me that she had read my articles on HGH and IGF-1. She was impressed by the dozens of significant benefits the articles illustrated. However, I responded by saying that they must be aided by nutritional support, described as follows.

Digestif™ employs the critical radical-scavenging component NDGA in its creosote bush additive. Digestif™ even contains supplemental magnesium; most American diets lack this supplement. Digestif™ also contains antioxidants, quercetin and selenium, that act synergistically with NDGA to prevent unwanted radical damage. Mastic soothes the intestinal tract by eliminating toxic bacteria such as helicobacter pylori. (Note that in 2005, two Australian researchers received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for determining that more than 90% of stomach ulcers were caused by h. pylori and not by stress and smoking!)

ACF228™ Unique Ingredients and their Benefits

ACF228™ is even more remarkable than Digestif™ because it contains adequate amounts of potassium iodide, but this special iodine salt prevents radioactive iodine from absorbing and festering in the thyroid and other vital glands. I added potassium iodide and iodine to my regimen years ago, long before the recent nuclear meltdown in Northern Japan that released several radioactive substances, especially radioactive iodine 131, into the water and atmosphere.

First, I added the critical enzyme, catalase, to ACF228™ in order to minimize superoxide and hydroxyl radicals. Then, I included a small amount of BHT that acts as a radical-scavenger back-up to catalase. Note that since Professor Denham Harman’s pioneering work with longevity in mice in 1956, BHT is a sure fire remedy that extends animal life span by approximately fifty percent. However, only small doses are used in humans since moderate to large doses (greater than 25 mg per capsule) may cause liver enlargement and elevated liver enzymes.

I also added l-carnosine to ACF228™ for daily prevention of crosslinking of proteins with sugars – a free-radical reaction that chemically hardens proteins by changing flexible amine bonds to rigid amide bonds. (For a detailed description, read Stay 40.) I furthermore added selenium to ACF228™ since it is critical for regenerating the body’s premier radical-scavenger, l-glutathione. Selenium even renders harmless other deadly reactive oxygen species (ROS) called singlet oxygen. (As in the case of hydroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen has a very short, nano-second half life, and the body lacks natural defenses to counter its destructive effects.)

Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid were added to ACF228™ since many people over the age of 50, especially vegetarians, lack these three important nutrients. As reported in a previous paper, adding B6 to a standard 0.5% hydrocortisone skin cream completely cures seborrhoic dermatitis, a common bumpy skin disorder.

I included DMSA (dimercapto succinic acid) in the ACF228™ formulation for the extraction (chelation) from the brain of unwanted heavy metals, such as mercury and lead. DMSA is the only known chelator that easily transports itself across the blood/brain barrier to chemically bond with heavy metals and transport them outside the body. DMSA is important to maintaining a highly functioning brain in one’s senior years; without DMSA, heavy metals will catalyze free-radical reactions in the brain as well as in other areas of the body. During one’s senior years, regular brain-cleansing of heavy metals is a first step to maintaining high mental competency and plasticity of thinking.

Because this amazing substance requires extensive knowledge of endocrinology, except for ACF228™, no other formulation contains DIM (diindolylmethane). I included it in ACF228™ because DIM regulates the important balance between testosterone and estradiol in both genders. For example, some women without DIM may grow a mustache due to testosterone converting to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a known facial hair promoter in women. Secondly, in men, DIM protects and balances against too much estradiol and helps men avoid enlargement of their breasts (gyno) and prostate glands (BPH).

Summary: Comprehensive Remedies Positively Impact Every Cell in the Body

Any level of radiation from X-rays, CAT scans, lasers, etc. will ‘scramble’ your DNA and the cells in your body. I designed ACF228™ and Digestif™ to be two of the most complete anti-aging daily regimens that older people should consume. I advised Rhona that these are meant to be taken daily, and they work best when diet, exercise, and hormone correction therapies are combined with them. We do not have to accept partial ‘nip-and-tuck’ solutions to aging. We have solutions that offer us comprehensive remedies that positively impact every cell in the body!