A Completely Safe, Natural Gastric Supplement

Relieve painful digestive problems with this safe and natural digestive enzymes supplement.

Benefits of Digestif

  • Relieves bloating, constipation, diarrhea, cramps, flatulence, and IBS
  • Reduces inflammation from indigestion, heartburn, ulcerative colitis, and ulcers
  • Relieves food allergies and intolerances
  • Helps you to absorb nutrients more effectively, aiding weight loss
  • Boosts immunity to invading bacteria and allergens

If you are suffering from stomach cramps, pain in the gastrointestinal region, difficulties in digesting food, or problems caused by excessive drinking, taking Digestif regularly can provide relief.

What is Digestif?

Digestif is a completely safe, natural gastric supplement. A super dose of digestive enzymes, it reduces inflammation and creates the right environment for the natural enzymes in the digestive system to flourish.

Digestif reduces inflammation

Bacteria in the digestive system and digestive tract cause most digestion problems.

These bacteria upset the balance of natural digestive enzymes, causing a range of problems. The enzymes in Digestif quickly get to work on the bacteria in the small intestine and large intestine, reducing inflammation and protecting the gut.

Digestif boosts immunity

The health of the gut is greatly affected by the health of our immune system, which comes under daily attack from modern pollutants and food additives. Digestif leaves the digestive system fully equipped to deal with invading allergens and bacteria.

Digestif aids nutrient breakdown and weight loss

An essential function of digestive enzymes is to break down the nutrients in foods into a form that can pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. When the enzymes in digestion are compromised, they can't to do their job.

Digestif enables the gut to break down and absorb nutrients more effectively, with positive effects on your general health. It's believed the effective breakdown of nutrients is essential for weight loss, which means Digestif could help you to lose weight without changing your diet.


Digestif Capsules

Better Digestion Formulation

60 capsules

A product of "The National Swedish Institute for Aging Research"

Suggested us: Take 1 or 2 capsules daily, as a nutritional supplement

Each capsule contains: Licorice (degly-cymhizinated) Extract, 150mg; Mastic DGL, 135mg; Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbate), 125mg; Quercetin, 83mg; Bromelain, 60mg; Cresote Bush, 2mg.

US Patent No. 4,695,590

Patent Pending No. 300-28475

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