Supports and enhances natural testosterone production

AndroPro2™ is a supplement that works to raise testosterone levels in the body. It acts as both a testosterone booster and to counteract bone lossarthritis and raise vitamin D levels.

While testosterone is one of the key male hormones, AndroPro2™ can also address testosterone deficiency in women, which has been associated with lack of libido, low mood and osteoporosis.

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Product Description

Andro Pro – the natural testosterone booster

Andro Pro harnesses the naturally occurring ingredient, fructoborate, to rebalance low testosterone levels in men, helping enhance lifestyle and wellbeing in a number of key areas.

The benefits of Andro Pro

  • Stems diminishing testosterone, which occurs naturally as men age
  • Helps maintain and increase libido and sexual performance
  • Reduces loss of bone density, arthritis, and forms of obesity
  • Vital in managing stress and anxiety, and promoting wellbeing
  • Contains fructoborate, which helps the body absorb vitamin D

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary hormone in maintaining the systems and processes that keep men inherently masculine. Reproductive organs, muscle and bone mass, hair distribution, and responses to external threats all fall under the remit of testosterone. Beyond this, testosterone has been shown to have an impact on temperament, energy levels, memory, metabolism, blood pressure, and brain function. It’s crucial therefore that testosterone levels are kept within a narrow healthy window.

Testosterone levels naturally decrease as we age, leading to the loss of various physical and mental faculties that we’ve come to accept as a part of the aging process. This process can actually start at any stage in life, and is often responsible for tremendous distress, malaise, and illness.

Andro Pro helps balance testosterone

It’s amazing, then, that much of this seemingly inevitable decrease in testosterone can be avoided by naturally rebalancing testosterone levels, without having to worry about adverse side effects or complex courses of medication.

Andro Pro comes enhanced with fructoborate, an antioxidant derived from boron — found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. As well as removing toxins from the body, fructoborate helps the body absorb vitamin D1 , a nutrient positively associated with testosterone levels2 , as well as elevating natural steroid levels in the blood. It’s this mechanism that makes it a key active agent in Andro Pro.

Andro Pro presents a way to help reclaim your vigor — and your quality of life — as easily as taking your daily vitamins.


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