Rock your antiaging regime with ionic essential mineral supplements

Getting enough essential mineral nutrients in your diet is key to living a long, healthy life. Essential minerals are the fuel that keeps your body working at its best, supporting everything from your skin, hair and nails to your heart, brain and immune system.

What are essential minerals?

Essential minerals are exactly what they sound like: minerals that are essential for the body to function in a healthy, normal manner. Despite their necessity, the body cannot produce them itself and they must instead be obtained from dietary or supplemental sources. Essential minerals include:

  • potassium
  • chloride
  • sodium
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • iron
  • copper
  • iodine
  • selenium

The body requires all of these minerals to maintain optimal health, and each in varying amounts — from a tiny 0.055g of selenium per day to a hefty 18g of iron.

Fortunately, it’s rare for people in countries like America and the UK to experience significant deficiencies in any of these minerals. That said, low-level deficiencies are more common and getting less than the required intake can lead to a range of health problems, ranging from the inconvenient to the serious. That’s why it’s essential to ensure you’re getting enough of these vital minerals. If you’re concerned you aren’t receiving sufficient essential minerals from your diet, supplements offer an excellent opportunity to make a difference to your health.

The ionic minerals range We offer a range of five ionic mineral supplements, each specially formulated to keep you at peak mineral nutrition:

  • Selenium-Pro™
  • Zinc-Pro™
  • Iodine-Pro™
  • Potassium-Pro™
  • Magnesium-Pro™

Not only are these supplements perfectly balanced to enhance your health, because they are delivered in a liquid, ionic formula, they’re easy for your body to absorb for maximum benefits. A metered dropper makes it simple to monitor and alter your dosage according to your diet and needs, and all ionic minerals supplements are all natural, non-GMO, gluten and allergen free, and vegan friendly.

All of these supplements also include an additional health boost in the form of 72 trace minerals and elements, making them great value — and the ideal way to keep your body topped up on nutrients.


Selenium is present in red meats, eggs, fish, shellfish, grains, and vegetables, though levels vary depending on the quantity of selenium in animal-feed and the soil in which plants are grown.

Selenium is used to make antioxidant enzymes, special proteins that break down free radicals, the products of oxidative reactions within the body. This process plays an important role in preventing cell damage, mitigating the harm caused by metabolic wear and tear. Selenium’s antioxidant properties may also offer cardiovascular health benefits1.

Selenium is a potent immune booster, helping to maintain the body’s resistance to infection, particularly from viruses. Selenium’s role in immunity is especially important for the elderly, who are more susceptible to viral infection2.

While our bodies only require a very small amount of selenium, deficiencies can be harmful to health. Deficiencies are most often found in those with gastrointestinal disorders or those who have been fed intravenously for long periods, such as in hospitals. A lack of selenium can lead to poor immune function, lowered detoxification performance, and in extreme cases, Keshan disease.


Zinc is one of the foundations of mineral nutrition, second only to iron in concentration in the body. Zinc can be found in good amounts in red meats, nuts, whole grains and yeast. Zinc is also present in fruits and vegetables but they are not ideal sources as the body is less able to extract less from plant proteins. This means that those on low-protein and vegetarian diets may struggle to maintain adequate levels.

Zinc has central roles in the immune system, cell division and growth, healing, breakdown of carbohydrates, and even the senses of smell and taste. Zinc has also shown to be effective in reducing and shortening the symptoms of the common cold3, although more research is needed.

Research has shown zinc may be beneficial to sufferers of liver disease4, as well as assisting in antidepressant therapies5. Low zinc levels also seem to be associated with higher rates of obesity6.


Iodine, present in seafood and particularly abundant in seaweed, is vital for body’s cells to convert food into energy. It fuels the production of thyroid hormones, ensuring the thyroid gland properly regulates metabolism. Proper intake of iodine also positively affects absorption of equally essential minerals such as calcium and selenium.

Iodine may be particularly important for pregnant women. Studies have demonstrated that even mild iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to lower cognitive performance in infants7. In fact, iodine deficiency is the leading cause of preventable intellectual disability worldwide8.

While most table salts are iodized to some degree, making deficiency less common, dietary trends towards lower salt consumption have had the unfortunate effect of increasing risk for those who don’t often consume seafood. Many processed foods, despite containing significant levels of salt, may not include any iodine.


Potassium performs a number of vital roles in good health: it helps to build protein and muscle; aids in breaking down carbohydrates; regulates growth; controls electrical signaling in the heart; and balances blood pressure9.

Studies have shown that potassium also helps to mitigate the harmful effects of a high salt diet10, with a higher potassium-sodium ratio being associated with reduced risk of mortality. Even slight deficiencies in potassium can manifest in muscle weakness and tiredness, so it’s critical to get enough to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

While potassium sources are readily available in milk, meat, vegetables and some fruits, it is estimated that only 2-5% of Americans are meeting their recommended daily intake11. This is likely because processed foods have substantially less potassium content than unadulterated produce12.


Sufficient magnesium intake is fundamental to good health. The mineral is involved in an array of biochemical processes that involve the immune system, heart, muscles, bones, blood pressure, and the production of energy and proteins. Magnesium is also required for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and the antioxidant glutathione13, which protects cells from damage.

Despite magnesium’s presence in a wide variety of foods such as dark green, leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains, as with potassium, deficiency is surprisingly common — even in countries such as America14.

The effects of magnesium deficiency range in seriousness from irritability and fatigue in minor cases, all the way to delirium and numbness at the extreme.

Why you should choose ionic mineral supplements

If you’re worried you’re missing out on essential mineral nutrients, our range of supplements are the ideal solution. With their ionic liquid formulation, they’re quick to absorb and easy to take, and with an additional 72 trace minerals and elements, they’re great value too.

A long, active, youthful lifestyle depends on nutrition — like with anything else, your body is only as healthy as what you put into it. If your diet isn’t the best it could be, why not top up with essential mineral supplements?

Want more mineral support?

If you’re looking for even more mineral support, we have a range of products that can help.

For powerfully hydrating electrolyte boost, try Volt-Pro™. Or for fresh breath and clean, strong, healthy teeth, check out Min-Mouth™, a specially formulated mineral mouthwash.


Volt-Pro™ is a concentrated rehydration supplement, loaded with the essential electrolytes your body needs to operate at peak power. Just one teaspoon added to a large glass of water of juice is a simple and effective way to repair and rehydrate after exercise.

Formulated with high-quality minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, Volt-Pro™ soothes and rejuvenates tired muscles, warding off cramps and aiding recovery. Unlike commercial sports drinks, Volt-Pro™ is also free from unhealthy sugars and preservatives — and contains no gluten — so using it won’t undo your hard work in the gym.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for an edge or simply need to stay hydrated, Volt-Pro™ is a refreshing way to stay ahead of your thirst.


Min-Mouth™ (Mouth Rinse) is a natural, healthy and easy way to keep your breath fresh and your teeth sparkling — wherever you are. Its balanced, proprietary blend of ionic trace minerals, colloidal silver and peppermint essential oil not only neutralizes bad odors but actually cleans and protects your teeth as well.

By neutralizing the acid and bacteria that damage your teeth and promote bad breath, Min-Mouth™ is a comprehensive oral hygiene solution. It’s free from alcohol so it won’t dry out your mouth or irritate your gums, and it’s vegan friendly and contains no allergens, gluten or fluoride so you can enjoy fresh breath without any guilt.