An All Natural Way to Protect Your Teeth

Give yourself the pearly whites and minty breath you deserve with MinMouth Mouth Rinse an all-natural way to protect your teeth, keep your gums free from food particles, and banish bad breath.

Benefits of using MinMouth Mouth Rinse

  • Vegan friendly and free from alcohol, allergens, and gluten
  • Neutralises odours and acidic foods
  • Rinses teeth and gums of food debris
  • Contains colloidal silver and peppermint essential oil
  • Enjoy an all-natural great taste and fresh breath

Why use MinMouth Mouth Rinse

Sometimes in life, bad breath is unavoidable. Twice daily brushings, flossing, trips to the dentist and even a pocketful of mints isn’t always enough. But bad breath, caused by the bacteria in our mouths as they break down food particles, isn’t just unpleasant and a bit embarrassing: it can also be an early sign of gum disease. That’s why it’s essential that after eating, you remove any food particles trapped in your mouth. MinMouth Mouth Rinse is a natural, healthy and easy way to clean your mouth between meals and freshen your breath wherever you are.

Because it’s formulated with a unique blend of ionic trace minerals, colloidal silver, and peppermint essential oil, this mouthwash cleans, protects, and removes odours all in one. The minerals neutralise harmful acids before they can damage your teeth and gums, while the peppermint neutralises any lingering bad breath. It doesn’t contain alcohol so you can be sure it won’t irritate your gums, and it’s also vegan friendly, and free from allergens and gluten so you can feel confident about what you’re putting into your body.

If you suffer from bad breath, or simply feel like your mouth could be fresher, try MinMouth Mouth Rinse and discover a new sort of clean.


A gentle mouth rinse made with

ConcenTrace® sea salts, colloidal silver and peppermint essential oil for a refreshing taste that neutralizes mouth odours for clean, fresh breath.

Alcohol Free Non-GMO Certified Vegan Gluten Free Peppermint Essential Oil

Ingredients: Purified water, Utah Sea Minerals™, ConcenTrace® sea minerals, peppermint essential oil, xylitol, stevia leaf, colloidal silver, citric acid, potassium sorbate.

Optimal Supplements for Optimal Health™

16 oz (473ml) liquid • Mouth Wash

Suitable for Vegetarians

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