Gengigel – fast, effective relief for receding gums and mouth ulcers

If you suffer from bleeding gum or swollen gum symptoms, or have noticed your gums are receding from teeth, you may have a receding gumline. Receding gums expose the sensitive upper parts of the teeth, causing pain, distress and if left untreated, tooth loss.

The main cause of receding gums is gum disease, which affects over three quarters of the population. Although often benign, in some cases gum disease can seriously compromise oral health. Other products and processes can exacerbate the effects of receding gums. Overbrushing, particularly with teeth whitening toothpastes, can increase sensitivity, as can teeth whitening mouthwash or other teeth whitening products and procedures.

In cases of gums receding teeth sensitive bone forces its way above the gumline. This results in pain and discomfort around the exposed root of the tooth. Those looking for a natural receding gums treatment may be told that reversing receding gums with raw food is the most natural remedy. But too much raw fruit and veg can actually increase the likelihood of receding gums and cause further trauma.

The most effective and organic method by far is the natural chemical hyaluronic acid, the active ingredient in Gengigel mouthwash. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body – usually found in connective tissue and synovial fluid. When used in a mouthrinse such as Gengigel mouthwash it acts as an effective gum treatment by rebuilding tissue and protecting against inflammation.

Gengigel mouthwash also helps combat ulcers in mouth. Like sensitive teeth and sore gums, mouth ulcers cause considerable pain and discomfort. They are also neutralised when treated with hyaluronic acid in the form of a mouthrinse. Ulcers in the mouth are not as potentially dangerous as receding gums, but those who suffer persistent or regular mouth ulcers can find themselves desperate for a worthwhile treatment. Gengigel mouthwash can offer just that.

Gengigel mouthwash – the gum infection treatment that keeps ginvigitis under control.

Gum disease can often discolour teeth, so for many sufferers teeth whitening seems a worthwhile option. Teeth whitening and receding gums, however, are not conducive. The teeth are often sensitive, and any bleeding gum may become inflamed by the abrasive process of teeth whitening. When using mouthrinse containing hyaluronic acid receding gums will return to a healthy state, with a notable reduction in bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity – meaning that such procedures are safer and less painful.

It is also an effective treatment for gum ulcers in ex-smokers. When it comes to mouth ulcers smoking ironically isn't a problem until you stop. Often ulcers and sores occur in the mouth as the body attempts to regain its chemical balance. Genigel mouthwash can reduce the likelihood of ulcers and therefore ease the difficult process of giving up smoking.

As well as receding gums and ulcers, Gengigel mouthwash as a mouthrinse is equally effective against gingivitis. Another form of gum disease, gingivitis makes the roof of the mouth and tongue hurt and looks like ulcers on roof of mouth. If left untreated, it can cause periodontitis, which in turn leads to inflammation, excess plaque build up and tooth loss. The hyaluronic acid in Gengigel mouthrinse reverses these effects.

Gengigel safe and effective gum disease treatment and cure for receding gums

Strong gums are a crucial part of oral health. Damaged or unhealthy gums can lead to a whole host of problems if not treated properly. Receding gums treatment is therefore vital in order to avoid losing teeth later down the line. But trying to get to grips with the problem can throw up some pertinent questions. Can receding gums be fixed? Do treatments like Gengigel work? Will teeth whitening aggravate bleeding gum or swollen gum symptoms? And for those with receding gums is surgery necessary?

The answers to these questions highlight the benefits of Gengigel mouthwash as a safe and effective treatment. Receding gums can be fixed without surgery with Gengigel mouthrinse. The active Gengigel ingredients, principally hyaluronic acid, reduce the swollen gum and bleeding gum symptoms often linked to gingivitis and receding gums. Using Gengigel mouthwash to repair damaged gums and sensitive teeth will also ensure that any teeth whitening treatments remain safe and pain-free.

By aiding the natural healing of inflammation and bleeding of the gums, whilst simultaneously providing active protection from gum disease, Gengigel mouthwash is the comprehensive treatment for mouth ailments, and a powerful method of maintaining oral health.

Get rid of mouth ulcers, gum infection and receding gums with Gengigel Mouthwash

Oral health means more than just brushing with toothpaste. Alongside teeth cleaning, other methods are required to maintain a healthy mouth, free from infection and disease. Flossing, for example, is a highly recommended way of fighting plaque and preventing tooth decay. And while teeth whitening procedures may give the impression of a healthy mouth, constant maintenance is needed to sustain oral health in areas such as the tongue, gums, throat and roof of the mouth.

Gengigel mouthwash offers all-round protection against the infections and diseases that afflict gums. With its dual-action attack and defence properties, and its ability to reach places that toothbrushes and mouth ulcer gels can't, Gengigel mouthwash is a key product when it comes to maintaining superior oral health.

Is Gengigel Mouthwash safe?

Now you can treat gum diseases and mouth ulcers with confidence, safe in the knowledge that there are no side effects of Gengigel. It is suitable for everyone to use, including children and pregnant women.

How to use Gengigel mouthwash

The typical dosage is 25ml three to four times daily.  In order for Gengigel ingredients to have maximum effect, use after brushing and try to avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes.

Reviews of Gengigel and Gengigel mouthwash ingredients

With Hyaluronic acid as one of the main Gengigel ingredients, this treatment tops every consumer study when tested alongside similar medications. By using a naturally-induced, tissue-building substance as its principal active agent, Gengigel guarantees safe and effective protection and continued oral health.



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