Leading Chelation Supplement

EDTA is a market leading oral chelation supplement. A powerful cleansing agent, capable of ridding the body of toxic heavy metals, it is a key part of any antiaging regime.

Benefits of using EDTA Pro

  • Supports arterial function, helping blood, nutrients and oxygen reach cells
  • Promotes normal organ function throughout the body
  • Boosts energy and restores vitality
  • Reduces the symptoms of aging, dry skin
  • Supports the removal of toxic heavy metals from cells

What is chelation?

Chelation is a medical therapy by which toxic heavy metals are flushed from the body, both to treat specific cases of heavy metal poisoning, and to generally improve health. Chelation agents, from the Greek khele meaning claw, act just like their namesake, grabbing and powerfully binding to heavy metals so that they can be processed and expelled by the kidneys.

Primarily developed as a treatment for lead and mercury poisoning, chelation is finding increasing traction as an antiaging therapy. It is the focus of a range of studies, particularly in the field of cardiovascular health, where it has been implicated in breaking down the plaque that accumulates in arteries and increases the risk heart attacks and strokes.

Chelation therapies are also being examined for their potential benefit to sufferers of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and lupus, by acting as an antioxidant.

What is heavy metal toxicity?

While some metallic compounds such as copper, iron, and zinc are, in the right concentrations, essential to life, others such as lead, mercury, and cadmium can have dramatic consequences for health. Heavy metal toxicity is particularly common in those who work with or near metals and can be caused by ingesting and inhaling metals or even frequent skin contact with them.

While most medical literature on heavy metal toxicity focuses on larger doses of particularly dangerous metals such as lead and mercury, researchers are also investigating whether smaller concentrations of toxic heavy metals could be partly responsible for a wide range of health concerns and even aging itself.

What’s in EDTA Pro?

The primary ingredient is, of course, EDTA, a powerful chelating agent that aids in the removal of heavy metals and harmful mineral deposits from the body. EDTA Pro also includes malic acid, a common nutritional compound found in fruit, which plays a vital role in energy production through the metabolic cycle, as well as garlic, a natural antioxidant and immunity booster.

Could chelation improve longevity?

As we now know, there is no single magic bullet treatment to reverse the aging process. Rather, antiaging therapies are a case of many small improvements reaping great rewards. Chelation is a perfect fit for this philosophy — by reducing the impact of heavy metals and arterial plaque on your body every day, you’re helping it to maintain good health long into the future.


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