GHRP6 = Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide number 6

GHRP6 is a peptide that is a member of the growth factor family, it is a derivative of Ghrelin, (an acronym for Growth Hormone Release Inducing); which in turn is a hormone that is released in response to hunger- which naturally creates the desire to eat.

However, the GHRP6 (just like the GHRP2 version- see Q&A’s below), does not induce the kind of desire to eat that Ghrelin itself does. However, just like Ghrelin, GHRP6 can be used to treat growth hormone deficiency, a problem that is well known in the antiaging fraternity and can affect many persons over the age of 35.

GHRP6 works by signalling the pituitary gland to begin growth hormone (GH) secretion and therefore is classed as a secretagogue.

GH and its by-product IGF-1, (insulin like growth factor, which is produced in the liver by GH in the blood) are desired by those who want to improve their physique. GH has long been known to improve the ratio of fat to muscle, although the actual action of instructing the cell to stop storing fat and start burning it is likely to be better related to IGF-1.

The problem with GH treatment has been that it has to be administered by injection to be effective; furthermore it is expensive and relatively unstable at anything over room temperature, plus in some countries GH is even listed as a controlled substance.

The work of Dr Richard Walker, (his articles and videos are available via the IAS website), also indicates that injecting GH in bolus form is not bioidentical, whereas GHRP’s tend to amplify the natural increases of GH and therefore represent a safer, (if a little slower) approach to improve GH levels.

When GHRP6 is used it can trigger some response to promote food intake, ergo stimulating some hunger to aid energy metabolism. This tends to happen within 15-30 minutes of applying the nasal spray. In this way GHRP6 can be considered to be a good aid to help treat eating disorders such as anorexia and also cachexia, (a wasting disorder).

Despite this, body shape is improved, for whilst ‘body mass’ may be increased, the vast amount is muscle rather than fat, so as GHRP6 increases body weight, in turn there is better shape and tone to the body because of the enhanced muscle content.

There is some evidence to suggest that the GHRP6 version has more affinity to increase IGF-1 levels than other GHRP’s. Therefore this has significance for increasing the strength of muscles, bones and joints in individuals.

Typical doses are 1 spray into each nostril (10 IU each) once or twice daily. The doses may be best served early morning (when GH levels are highest) and again at bedtime to induce GH levels during REM sleep.

Side effects and overdosing are the same as GH and blood measurement for IGF-1 is recommended for long term use- to ensure that they remain within normal ‘youthful’ levels.


“Since using Releasing-Pro™ regularly for a couple of months I have not only seen a significant increase in my IGF-1 blood levels, but there has also been a significant improvement to my testosterone levels too. As a 69-year old male this has made a lot of difference to my life including enhanced sex-drive and it’s improved my strength too.”

Dr. R.L., Hawaii

Questions and Answers

Q. “What is the difference between GHRP2 and GHRP6? When should I use one over the other?”

A. “Both are derivatives of Ghrelin, but we have noted that GHRP2 appears to have less hunger feelings after use than GHRP6. As such, we feel that GHRP2 may be better suited to people who want to lose weight and GHRP6 may be better suited to those who want to increase their muscle mass- which by definition means increasing body weight.”

Q. “How many milligrams and sprays are in each 5ml bottle?”

A. “Each bottle has 50 sprays and a total of 25 mg. Each spray is 10 IU and therefore each spray contains 0.5 mg of GHRP6.”


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