Lithium Pro supplemenmedicat with Lithium Orotate – the safe treatment for bipolar disorder

Lithium orotate is an effective alternative to lithium carbonate when it comes to protecting brain function and treating mood disorders. Lithium is a potent stabiliser of neural activity, but can only be absorbed into the cells when attached to a 'mineral transporter'. Natural lithium orotate is a compound of natural lithium attached to the salt of oratic acid, whereas lithium carbonate is attached to a carbon and oxygen compound, and lithium aspartate is bound to aspartic acid.

Although prescribed to treat similar disorders, lithium orotate offers a vastly increased bioavailability compared to other mineral supplements, with few of the side effects lithium aspartate induces in patients. This makes lithium orotate one of the safest and most effective mineral supplements for protecting and stabilising brain function.

What's the difference between lithium aspartate and lithium orotate, and what is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar depression defines a cycle of oscillating levels of mood, energy, and cognitive function. Typical symptoms of bipolar disorder include periods unnaturally elevated activity and brain function – commonly known as mania – followed by a depressive episode where energy, awareness and drive are severely depleted. These bipolar symptoms explain why the condition was once known as manic depression. The depression bipolar symptom can be particularly damaging to the lifestyle of the sufferer.

In recent years, scientists have found that natural lithium offers a reliable treatment for bipolar disorder. Certain mineral supplements have been developed to offer bipolar disorder treatment. In particular, lithium treatments have demonstrated significant stabilising effects on all types of bipolar disorder. Common supplements which control bipolar symptoms include natural lithium orotate, lithium aspartate, and lithium carbonate. It's impossible for the body to absorb natural lithium in its raw state so the trace metal must be bound to a separate mineral in order to enter the brain cells.

As well as lithium carbonate, lithium aspartate is a popular choice of supplement. Lithium aspartate, however (natural lithium bound to aspartic acid) is an excitotoxin – a substance that binds to the nerve cell receptor in the brain. This causes a number of unpleasant side effects such as tremors, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. Lithium orotate meanwhile is capable of delivering natural lithium straight into the brain cells that need it most – the mitochondria, the glial and the lysosomes. As such, the bioavailability of the active agent dwarfs that of lithium aspartate, with no significant side effects. Much lower doses are therefore required, significantly reducing the risk of lithium poisoning and eliminating the need for close dosage monitoring.

More than just a treatment for bipolar disorder – other health benefits of lithium orotate.

As we've already discovered, natural lithium orotate helps control all types of bipolar disorder and requires lower doses than the more common lithium carbonate. There are many benefits to taking Lithium Pro for bipolar disorder treatment however that go beyond this common usage, thanks to the added ingredients of folate and vitamin B12. When combined with the usual lithium orotate supplement benefits, vitamin B12 acts to boost brain function and protect the nervous system against degenerative aging diseases. Folate – a naturally forming B-vitamin commonly synthesised to folic acid – helps the development of blood cells and fortifies the immune system.

As well as the usual lithium orotate benefits, Lithium Pro offers the many benefits of its three active ingredients working in harmony. It's the ideal supplement for those who want to fight the damaging effects of ageing and enhance lifestyle and general health, whilst taking a mood stabiliser in healthy, manageable doses.

Lithium aspartate or lithium orotate? The healthiest way to manage bipolar disorder.

Due to the enhanced bioavailability of lithium in lithium orotate, it's possible to take the supplement in smaller, safer doses and still control bipolar disorder symptoms and other mood conditions effectively. As well as managing bipolar disorder with this central active ingredient, Lithium Pro offers further protective health benefits and anti-aging compounds.

The cell and protein-building folate, naturally found in leafy vegetables, can help prevent arterial, blood, and cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin B12, found in fish, meat, milk and eggs is involved in the maintenance of healthy nerve tissue, and protects against neurological conditions and diseases of the nervous system. It also works in tandem with folate to help build DNA and blood cells.

Lithium Pro brings these three key ingredients together in one supplement, maximising their health benefits and offering a safe, convenient and economical way to boost your levels of these crucial vitamins and minerals.

Lithium Orotate side effects

Much has been said on the toxic effects of lithium, and indeed all lithium supplements should be taken with care. Lithium is a powerful substance and as such the side effects of lithium when taken in large doses are prevalent. They may include problems with thyroid function, reduced libido in men, and acne in teenagers. The lithium side effects in children may include weakened muscles or bones.

Lithium Orotate, however, ensures that the amount of therapeutic lithium absorbed by the body is low enough to avoid any chance of lithium toxicity or overdose. As such, these side effects are significantly reduced and in the vast majority of cases, completely non-existent.

What's the right lithium dosage bipolar sufferers should be taking?

The correct lithium dosage depends on the type of supplement you are taking. When treating bipolar disorder, a lithium orotate dosage will be much lower than the average lithium carbonate dosage because lithium orotate is much more efficient at delivering therapeutic amounts of lithium to the brain.

For Lithium Pro, one capsule taken twice a day with meals will provide you with not only the right amount of lithium orotate, but with a healthy dose of folate and vitamin B12 as well.

Lithium orotate reviews

There are many helpful reviews on lithium orotate available which offer an insight into how the supplement affects people in a positive way. It's worth bearing in mind, however, that only Lithium Pro Medications combines all these lithium orotate supplement benefits with the protective, life-enhancing properties of folate and vitamin B12.


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