Recapture that youthful feeling with NeyGeront RN13

Neygeront RN13 is a unique blend of natural molecules and vitamins designed to rejuvenate body and mind. Neygeront, and its injectable form RNA13, uses biomolecular therapy to revitalise the organs most affected by daily wear and tear.

As we age, our bodies slow down and there is a general decline in our energy levels. Neygeront RN13 is a powerful dietary supplement that regenerates the body from within. Using biomolecular therapy, RNA13 repairs and replaces the worn out bio-molecules in sick organs with healthy ones.

By revitalising our cellular metabolism, RNA13 eliminates that sluggish feeling we associate with getting old. It provides greater vitality and mental energy, allowing us to recapture that youthful feeling and live life to the full.

How does rna 13 work?

One of the reasons we experience a sense of mental and physical decline as we age is that the metabolism of our individual organic systems slows down. Organisms gradually lose the ability to divide themselves, a vital process in the repair and renewal of cells.

Using the power of biomolecular therapy, RNA13 repairs and renews sick organs by supplying them with natural bio-molecules from identical healthy ones. Biomolecular therapy has been shown to improve the rate of cell division by as much as 20%.

RNA13 contains ribonucleic acids (RNAs), which are the building blocks of DNA. Extracted from bovine tissues, Neygeront capsules consist of RNAs from the heart, thymus, gonads, liver, pancreas and other glands, together with vitamins B6, B12 and E, and procaine, biolecthins and amino-acid complexes.

This combination of RNAs and naturally occurring cell factors creates a unique blend of rejuvenating and revitalising properties. By harnessing the power of biomolecular therapy, RNA13 helps eliminate the deficiencies in metabolic rates that come with age.

What is biomolecular therapy?

Biomolecular or cell therapy uses the composition of natural bio-molecules as the basis for treatment. These molecular ‘building blocks’ keep us healthy and functioning. As our bodies deteriorate with age, the cells develop defects. Cell therapy takes the relevant components from healthy cells and supplies them to defective ones, so that they can function again.

But cell therapy goes a stage further than simply replacing like for like. Cell therapy adopts a holistic approach, treating the body as a whole. When one part of the body is damaged, our entire ecosystem can be upset, so by treating the body as a whole, cell therapy is able to return us to our healthy functioning selves more effectively.

The benefits of rna 13

The natural molecules and vitamins found in Neygeront capsules have numerous rejuvenating properties, which are specifically directed towards revitalising the aging body.

RNA13 uses cell therapy to regenerate and normalise cell function. A regular NeyGeront dosage is recommended for a number of health problems associated with getting older, including the following conditions:

  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Premature aging
  • Defective memory
  • Slow convalescence
  • Difficulties in falling asleep
  • Disturbed development and growth
  • Disturbed potency arteriosclerosis
  • General geriatric disorders
  • General revitalisation

How should I take Neygeront RN13?

The active ingredients in NeyGeront ampoules and NeyGeront capsules are a blend of biomolecular organic lysates that act as an overall rejuvenating supplement.

The recommended NeyGeront Dosage is one or two 0.5ml liquid capsules daily an hour before food, swallowed whole with water.

If you feel like your ‘get up and go’ has got up and gone, now is the time to try NeyGeront RN13. That youthful feeling doesn’t have to be a thing of the past with RNA13.


What our customers say...

With advancing age the metabolic activities of the different organic systems become more sluggish. With Biomolecular therapy the rate of cell division can be increased by 20%. A higher activity means more vitality, more mental flexibility, and therefore a better quality of life into old age.
K.S. Lachnit, A. Klausner, E. Proszowski and L. Rieder "Ageing and Disease; A Macromolecular Problem?" Verlag G. Braun, No 30, 19th November 1980.


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