Beats Viruses and prevents infections

Unique and balanced formula contains bioregulators KE (VILON®) and EW (THYMOGEN®) complex, they are di-peptides (chain of two amino acids) that in multiple clinical studies have proven to be effective immunomodulatory bioregulators. 

What is an Immunomodulatory Bioregulator? 
A substance that stimulates or supresses the immune system that works to help the body to fight various diseases and viruses.   
Benefits include:

  • Prevent and help therapy of acute and chronic viral and bacterial diseases.  
  • Prevent suppression of immunity and boost regeneration processes. 
  • Boost Immunity.  

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Bioregulators Synthetic

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Infection Influenza

Product Description

Peptide bioregulator EW shown to activate the homeostasis processes responsible for the normalization of the functioning of the T- and B- immune systems as well as helping to suppress the replication of viral proteins in the infected cells. As a result, increasing the responsiveness of the immune cells to external and internal inflammatory factors. 

Peptide bioregulator KE has shown to play a crucial role in normalization of the cells chemical composition in macrophages and thymocytes which activates the cellular energy exchange responsible for healthy proliferation and differentiation and communication of the cells. 

Their clinically proven efficacy was tissue specific, meaning that during and after the studies shown no negative reactions for the cardiovascular system, urogenital system, respiratory system, digestive, or any other vital systems of the body. 

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