Immune System Lingual Bioregulator (Crystagen®) Sublingual drops

Normalizes the function of the immune system

Crystagen® is a peptide complex containing amino acids that contribute to the normalization of the function of the immune system.

A clinical study established the effectiveness of Crystagen® in the complex treatment of patients with impaired immune system function after past infectious diseases, radiation and chemotherapy, psycho-emotional stress and exposure to the body of various adverse factors (including environmental, climatic, geopathogenic factors and ionizing radiation), and in maintaining the function of the immune system in the elderly people.

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Immune System Improvement

Product Description

As a result of many years of research, a new approach to the search for physiologically active peptides has been developed. Based on the analysis of the amino acid sequence of polypeptides, short peptides with 3 amino acids, which are the ‘active centre’ of the preparation based on animal-based extracts, were released from animal organs and tissues.

A new class of natural biologically active food additives – parapharmaceuticals, has received the general name Cytogens®. In terms of effectiveness, these short peptides are superior to preparations based on extracts, act in minimal dosages without causing any side effects. This class of bioregulators has no analogues in the world’s practice.

The difference between the synthesized peptide bioregulators (Cytogens) over the natural peptide bioregulators (Cytomax’s) is the Cytogens are faster acting at the initial stages, however their effects do not last as long as the natural Cytomax’s who generally can take longer to act, but last much longer.  Therefore, it is recommended to kick-start your program with the synthetic Cytogens before swiftly moving over to the natural Cytomax equivalent.

Water, complex AC-6 (glutamic acid, aspartic acid, proline).
Daily dose (1 ml) contains 0.1mg of complex AC-6.

Recommended to be taken sublingually under the tongue. Adults take: 5–6 drops (0.25–0.35ml) for 10–15 minutes before eating 3–4 times a day. The recommended period of application is 1 month. A repeated course is advisable in 3 to 6 months

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