‘Vitamin C your way to a healthier future’ (boosting our immune system and keeping illness at bay)

Written by GORDON, M.D., Garry F

Vitamin C is globally recognised to be one of the most useful vitamins around. It’s therefore no co-incidence that nearly 3 out of 4 of us take this vital vitamin in a supplement form regularly.

However, what’s less known and even less-capitalised upon, is its remarkable properties when taken in greater quantities than is commonly acknowledged.

Thanks to the highly regarded work of colleague and expert cardiologist, Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, the true extent of higher dosages of Vitamin C has been identified. In a series of books, he shows that a whole raft of infection, toxin and disease-fighting functions occur at high doses of this wonderfully simple vitamin. In fact, Dr. Levy’s book ‘Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins’, is so comprehensive in its methodology, that I’ve based some of my own scientific research on his findings.

Administered in the right, elevated quantities, vitamin C can stop any infection and avoid the need for antibiotics. When we look at vitamin C’s role within the context of the bigger global picture – whereby certain strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics – then we have a very powerful case indeed for a re-think about vitamin C’s use. Ongoing work by Dr. Levy and my own extensive research within the field has found that vitamin C becomes a detoxifying agent that helps remove accumulated toxic metals from the body. It not only has the power to give nutrients to cells, repair and build-up defences; it acts as a chelator – ridding the body of harmful metals taken into our body in daily life through our increasingly polluted environment. Chelation is an area of medicine that I’ve spent many years working in, so much so, that I’ve become known as ‘the father of chelation therapy’. How vitamin C fits in with chelation therapy is that it’s also a weak organic acid – ascorbic acid – binding to harmful metals and enabling the body to dispose of them and prevent re-absorption.

By using over 1200 scientific references into the processes and effects of high doses of vitamin C throughout Dr. Levy’s work, many more people are aware of its power. Moreover, increasing numbers of people now understand that our ‘recommended’ levels of vitamin C are quite simply insufficient to have significant effect on more serious conditions. This lack of awareness isn’t helped by the FDA’s (the Federal Drug Authority) insistence on increasing the complexity in labelling dietary supplements. What’s particularly concerning about the bills designed to encourage the use of costly treatments, is that affordable and front-line supplements become hidden by the powerful sway the FDA has over the public’s choice of medicines.

High quantities of vitamin C – either taken orally or intravenously in doses ranging from 20 grams to 200 and upward grams have challenged and defeated widespread health problems such as heart disease or antibiotic-resistant viruses. As vitamin C is non-toxic, high levels are not problematic to the system. In rare cases, minor side effects, like a stomach upset have been reported. To reduce this possibility even further, I’ve developed BIO EN’R-G’Y C –a vitamin C supplement formulated with GMS-Ribose. This active ingredient makes the body’s absorption of vitamin C as efficient as possible; therefore, tolerability to the required higher level dose is optimised. When keeping plasma vitamin C levels up – to around 100mg/dl – it’s necessary to check by using urine test strips called VitaChek C. At roughly 25 cents each, these convenient indicators show the amount of Vitamin C being metabolised and accordingly, circulating through the body. As all Vitamin C leaves the body this way, VitaChek C test strips are the best way to gauge levels and to let us know when to take more Vitamin C onboard.

Easy to use at work or at home, the special coloured tabs on the strips change colour from dark green to yellow depending on the amount of vitamin C in your body. By looking at the colour change – matching against the colour chart – it’s convenient to see if vitamin C levels are sufficient. The brighter the colour, the more vitamin C – so it’s important to keep the strip bright to enable your body to work at the optimum level – to fight off disease and tackle more serious health problems.

I can’t recommend the power of high levels of quality vitamin C enough. BioEnRGY C and VitaChek C urine test strips have been specially developed for efficient and palatable absorption and effective monitoring of this simple, wonderfully powerful vitamin.

By looking to the power of elevated vitamin C levels, your quality of life can visibly improve; both now and in the future.