The Fluoride Deception (in Dentistry, Medicine and Government)

Written by DEAL, Ph.D., D.C., Grady A.,

Part 1-Betrayal of the Public Trust December 8, 1999

“The time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship….un-American and despotic.” Benjamin Rush, M.D., Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Mayor, when the dental “health” task force asks for your support by pronouncing that community water fluoridation is based on generally accepted scientific knowledge endorsed by the American Dental Association, the U.S. Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control, the American Medical Association, the World Health Organization, all the health charities and the Department of Defense, you should reject dumping fluoride rat poison in the drinking water, because these organizations are strictly political not scientific and are in the deep pockets of Big Business, namely the drug industries, and their secret societies collectively known as the New World Order.

At the national level, they float like scum at the top of the stinking cesspool called Modern Medicine that has made a science out of a program of deception, cover-ups and lies that has made America one of the sickest nations in the world. As a consequence, military commanders, bureaucrats and politicians at the state and local level along with the controlled media have no choice but to carry out direct orders from Washington, DC to force mandatory fluoridation on the unsuspecting public.

“Mayor, what you don’t know and perhaps don’t want to know about widespread corruption in government, science, dentistry, medicine and health charities and about the proven hazards of fluoride and other government approved poisons and drugs is literally killing us. Since most city and county council members are an integral part of the corrupt party machine, you as the mayor are the only public official who can effectively stop fluoridation of our precious drinking water.

When and only when you come to your senses will you see the wisdom and humanity in supporting state and federal legislation to reject putting fluoride rat poison in our drinking water.”

As outlined in World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin and Murder by Injection by Eustace Mullins, Rockefeller and other One World Government international gangsters, who own the drug and vaccine industries and health insurance companies took control of all state medical and dental licensing boards around 1913 and at the same time created all the phony health charities and self-serving foundations to eliminate competition to their drug approach by wrongfully demonizing alternative natural therapies.

Mullins states that “Today, we suffer from a host of debilitating ailments, both mental and physical, nearly all of which can be traced directly to the operations of the chemical and drug monopoly, and which pose the greatest threat to our continued existence as a nation.”

Consequently, chances are good to certain that if you ask your dentist and family medical doctor if they recommend fluoride, they will, no doubt, slobber all over themselves trying to convince you that it is best thing since sliced bread. But if you were to ask me what I think about advice coming from the average sold-out dentist or medical doctor, I would simply refer you to the following information and let you decide if their support for fluoride is just one more way to keep us sick and dependent.

Conventional medical doctors just like your own “trusted” family doctor are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States behind cardiovascular disease, cancer and lung disease according to researchers at the University of Toronto. Adverse reactions to approved prescription and over-the-counter medications kill more than 100,000 Americans each year and seriously harm an additional 2.1 million. These statistics do not even include deaths and injury from prescribing errors. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 90,000 people are killed annually in the U.S. by infections acquired in hospitals at a cost of treating such infections around $4.5 billion a year (The New York Times, 4-15-98).

A similar report in 1984 found that “medical mistakes and malpractice might have harmed 1.4 million Americans, killing about 186,000 in one year (New England Journal of Medicine, 1984).

Up to 80% of surgery is not necessary and kills over 80,000 patients each year from surgeries they didn’t need in the first place (When to Say No to Surgery by Robert Schneider, M.D., 1982

That’s 270,000 unnecessary deaths each year caused by government approved adverse drugs reactions, hospital infections and unnecessary surgery. Nevertheless, your family doctor is likely to say that the benefits of conventional medical treatment outweigh the risks of 270,000 deaths annually. Just remind him that in regards to fluoridation, you don’t want to be one of those death statistics in that Dr. Dean Burk formerly with the National Cancer Institute estimates that fluoridation causes around 50,000 cancer deaths each year.

Former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Joseph Califano estimated that two-thirds of all disease and premature death is preventable. Alternative doctors’ claim that up to 90% of all disease could be prevented and eliminated by healthy lifestyle changes and natural therapies.

Since a total of 1.5 million Americans die from cardiovascular disease and cancer each year, it is fair to say, based on these estimates, that approximately 67% of total cardiovascular-cancer deaths or an estimated 1 million American deaths could be prevented every year.

Keep in mind that the medical Mafia also murders over 1.5 million unborn babies by abortion annually.

Adding all this up for each year; 270,000 deaths from adverse drug reactions, hospital acquired infections and unnecessary surgeries annually; 1 million unnecessary cardiovascular-cancer deaths annually directly as an end result of the medical monopoly’s promotion of disease and death instead of wellness and 1.5 million abortion murders each year — makes a total of 2.7 million Americans slaughtered by conventional medical doctors all with the sick lie that the benefits outweigh the risks.

According to the government’s own report, only around 15% of all medical procedures currently used in medical practice today have been shown effective by controlled trial (Office of Technology Assessment report, 1978); all of which means that the average Establishment medical doctor is not a scientist, is in fact anti-scientific, and uses mostly unproven procedures that kill many people. Yet, your own orthodox medical doctors claim to be scientists but what is the scientific basis of their boastful claims? Dentists, unfortunately, are also part of the problem.

You must understand that when Establishment scientists, medical doctors and dentists claim that fluoride is safe and effective, you can trust them just about as much as you can trust President Slick Willie.

Fluoride is a very toxic corrosive cumulative waste by-product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries that can only be legally disposed of at a cost of about $7,000 per 5,000 gallons in multiple class-one landfills costing millions and eventually billions of dollars. The industries fear ruinous lawsuits and bankruptcy from serious injury from people poisoned from fluoride toxins released into the environment from millions of tons of waste fluoride buried in the landfills.

Previously sold as a rat and bug poison only, now the aluminum and fertilizer industries owned by the same international gangsters mentioned above also sell fluoride to government bureaucrats who dump it in our drinking water with the lie that it is safe and effective. This brilliant and profitable marketing idea of poisoning our community water supplies with fluoride industrial waste came in 1939 from a self-serving “scientific” rat study conducted by a biochemist working for Alcoa Aluminum, who concluded that low doses of fluoride rat poison is good for rat teeth and might, just might also be good for human teeth. Yeah, tell that to rats who might not want rat poison on their teeth or in their bodies!

Business as usual, bureaucrats infesting the U.S. Public Health Service were paid off with the usual bribes and promises of better jobs by the aluminum and fertilizer industries to mount a massive campaign consisting of a pack of lies that fluoride rat poison is safe and effective in preventing dental cavities. Backed up by other self-serving rat and human studies 50 years later, the same lie is used today, unfortunately, to fluoridate the drinking water of two-thirds of the United States as a mass medication program for the general population. The policy of forcing fluoride rat poison down our throats under the disguise of a “beneficial” medicine by government mandate has since become bureaucratized, meaning any public official who criticizes fluoride is at risk of losing his or her professional career entirely.

Betrayal of the Public Trust- Part 2 By Grady A. Deal, Ph.D., D.C.

The American Dental Association is fond of listing the “scientific” government agencies and “health” charities that support fluoride but does not bother to tell you that most “scientific” medical research has been corrupted by widespread fraud (Braithwaite, Townsend Letter for Doctors, January, 1994). Dr. Braithwaite describes medical researchers not reporting that test subjects died or left the hospital; that unfavorable results were not reported; that some medical researches earn $1 million dollars annually; and that there is a lot of pressure to falsify results in order to get future work.

West Germany’s prestigious weekly, Der Spiegel (June 24, 1985) reported “….As a rule, the drug companies…gave money to individual politicians and public officials selected among those that determine the health policy….” The pharmaceutical industry (including fluoride waste suppliers), which is worth billions, has bought up, as it were, the legislature (and bureaucrats in the Centers for Disease Control, FDA, EPA, USPHS, etc.).”

The American Dental Association perpetuates more fraud attempting to prove that fluoride is safe and effective in reducing cavities by references to “scientific” studies that are seriously flawed or that are, in fact, outright fraudulent research bought and paid for the fluoride waste industries themselves to make fluoride rat poison look good and beneficial.

Since fluoride is a cumulative toxic corrosive rat poison that destroys the immune and skeletal systems over a lifetime, any real scientific research promoted by the government and the American Dental Association should be a long-term study that asks the right questions conducted on humans with both a control group and an experimental group to compare results that are peer-reviewed and published for other scientists to critique. If a research study does not meet all of the required criteria, it is flawed. Most of the ADA research is seriously flawed and paid for by the aluminum and fertilizer industries to sell more fluoride.

Although a weak case is made that fluoride slightly reduces cavities, there is not one long-term, peer-reviewed, controlled scientific study on humans proving that fluoride is safe. Not one such scientific study exists proving fluoride is safe. The ADA and the U.S. government researches know the answer that fluoride rat poison is unsafe and causes immune system deficiency, cancer, fluorosis spots on the teeth, skeletal fluorosis, bone pathology, bone cancers, increased hip fractures, arthritis and many other health problems, so they simply refuse to fund their own research to substantiate any concerns. This is the “don’t know and don’t want to know” approach to avoiding unpleasant and embarrassing realities. Yet, the dental “health task force moves around the country like a covered-wagon of army prostitutes spreading the ADA, CDC, FDA and USPHS lies to infect the public mind much like raging syphilis and AIDS that eats away the ability to reason and think.

The American Dental Association has conspired with insurance companies in millions of cases to wrongfully disallow payment for replacement of mercury amalgams based on their lies that it is safe and non-toxic. It has censored and punished holistic dentists who have exposed the toxicity of mercury. The ADA is directly responsible for promoting the use of mercury amalgam, which has caused widespread brain damage, tremor, poor muscle coordination, sensory, hearing and visual loss, mental illness, depression, irritability, bleeding gums, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, neck, back and joint pains, dysfunctional immune system, kidney problems, cardiovascular diseases, and premature death.

Dr. George Mening, D.D.S. in Root Canal Cover-Up states that unsuspected infected root canal filled teeth are the most common cause of streptococcus and other oral bacteria infection in endocarditis, myocarditis, heart disease in general and many other chronic infectious and degenerative diseases all over the body. The ADA finds nothing wrong with root canals. Nevertheless, extraction, bridges and implants are safer. And get those silver mercury amalgams out.

The American Dental Association is trying to weasel out of a tidal wave of fluoridation, mercury amalgam and root-canal lawsuits headed its way by claiming that it is only a trade association and not a professional association; that is does not represent dentists and the public welfare; that it has no duty of care to protect the public from potential injury from fluoride and mercury amalgams. The ADA legal brief discovered in 1995 reads “The ADA owes no legal duty of care to protect the public from allegedly dangerous products (mercury, fluoride, etc.) used by dentists. The ADA did not manufacture, design, supply or install the mercury-containing amalgams. The ADA does not control those who do. The ADA’s only alleged involvement in the product was to provide information regarding its use. Dissemination of information relating to the practice of dentistry does not create a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury.”

This statement means that the American Dental Association is taking steps to distance themselves from liability issues and legal suits. The ADA disavowal of any duty of care means the individual dentist may therefore be liable to lawsuit as a result of fluoride and mercury amalgam injury to patients.

Basil Rathbone in one of his great old movies, “Crossroads,” said it best, “Double-crossing swine!!!” Let the lawsuits against the ADA and individual dentists begin and good riddance.

Dr. David Kennedy, DDS one of 35 dentists suing the ADA, says: “I think it is criminal to expose large groups of the population to toxic substances without any evidence of safety.” The class action suit charges the ADA and affiliated organizations with acting contrary to the ethical precepts in a number of areas, (including) the promotion of fluoridation, the pressuring to raise the Maximum Containment Level (MCL) (from 1 ppm to 4 ppm), and failure to distribute to its members and to the general public, literature regarding the significant possibility of adverse effects of fluoridation…and the use of dental amalgam (which is another problem).”

Note that chlorine added to drinking water has been linked to cardiovascular disease by Dr. Joseph M. Price, M.D. in Coronaries, Cholesterol, Chlorine. Dr. Price writes “chlorine in drinking water is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times, i.e., the prime causative agent of atherosclerosis and its end results, the heart attack and stroke.” Public officials are liable to its citizens for any chlorine poisoning and any future fluoride poisoning and deaths. They have failed their duty to inform each citizen that chlorine is toxic and should be removed by water filters in each individual home and that ordinary water filters do not filter out fluoride.

Your own dentist cannot be trusted to tell you the truth about toxic hazards and injuries caused by fluoride, mercury amalgams and root-canals, first of all, because he is frightened about being sued. Second, his state licensing board and his state, county and city dental associations and the national ADA Code of Ethics makes it unethical for any dentist to remove a serviceable mercury amalgam filling for the purpose of removing mercury from the body, and it is also unethical, according to their very warped morals, to refuse to provide fluoride drops and tablets or to not recommend water fluoridation.

What code of ethics? The ADA in its own legal brief and in two court cases stated that it is a trade organization not a professional organization. Professional health organizations have a strict code of medical ethics. Trade organizations do not. The American Dental Association, by its own admission, states that it does not have a professional code of ethics that either governs the professional conduct of dentists or creates a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury.

They cannot have it both ways. The American Dental Association and state affiliates must take legal responsibility for recommending fluoride, mercury amalgams and root-canals and stand by individual dentists who follow their advice or they must admit to themselves, the public at large and their member dentists that they are trade organizations representing the aluminum and fertilizer fluoride waste industries and the mercury amalgam companies.

In short, dentists who recommend and treat with fluoride, mercury amalgams and root-canals have sold you out and betrayed you. Your dentist is more afraid of censorship by his dental trade organization and the risk of losing his license to practice than poisoning you and your children with fluoride wastes and mercury amalgams that cause lifelong injury. He is more loyal to government bureaucrats and the ADA than you. His subservience is to a trade organization with no professional code of medical ethics. Hell must be filled to the brim with ADA dentists.

Put your dentist to the test. Of course, you might have to tie him down and force him to read this information conveniently not provided or condoned by his “professional” associations. Ask if he supports fluoride, mercury amalgams and root-canals, and despite all your attempts to “educate” him till you’re blue in the face, he will reply that he does. Advise your dentist that you know that he has no choice but to follow ADA orders to support fluoride, mercury fillings and root-canals or risk losing his license. Confide in him that having to listen to his mealy-mouth defense of dental genocide makes you sick to your stomach and undermines your trust in the doctor-patient relationship and that it must really be humiliating for him to shield lies as if they are the truth. Ask him for his sake and for your own that he support freedom of access legislation that will allow him to be a real doctor and not just another ADA lap dog.

“Mayor, do not join in the lies of the American Dental Association and the dental ‘health’ task force. Reject their fluoride drops and tablets, water fluoridation, mercury amalgams and root canals. Humbly admit to the taxpayers that no public official has a constitutional or moral right to mass medicate the entire population with fluoride, a known poison; that under your administration, the public still has freedom of choice about what goes inside their bodies and what medicines are best for them; that you serve the public trust and not Big Business and their ADA prostitutes and cowards; and that you support freedom of access legislation to protect holistic dentists from any organization or government agency that mandates fluoride, censors the removal of mercury amalgams or ignores the dangers of root-canals. Please also consider ozone and ultraviolet radiation as an alternative to toxic chlorine.”

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