Synergistic Programs – Energy & Sport Pack

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Being physically active is part of the battle to stay fit, often we all need encouragement to exercise and we also want to see the best possible outcomes from that exercise, after all positive gains are the best incitement to continue to do more.

In addition, we have to protect ourselves against the damage induced by aerobic exercise because it generates oxidative free radicals, (primarily through oxygen consumption/ metabolism). This action is a pro-aging element, look at any long distance runner (or other sport where endurance is involved) and you can see the demands of physical stress on aging and it is also a fact that athletes in general do not live long lives. As is normal in life, not too little, not too much but just the right amount is the best policy.

The IAS energy pack is designed to help exercise regimes perform well and at the same time protect against oxidation and in particular create an environment where the mitochondria, (the cells that make the universal energy molecule ATP) are protected as well as enhanced.

Mito-Pro; protecting your energy reserves
Mito-Pro™ contains two of the most important agents to stimulate mitochondrial production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and help protect against the oxidation of them at the same time. It achieves this with both acetyl-l-carnitine and r-lipoic acid.

R-lipoic acid
This is a universal and potent free radical scavenger, active in both water and lipid parts of cells, this makes it unusual as most anti-oxidant agents are active in one part or the other. This is a most important factor to protect the mitochondria from the damage that they create themselves, because in the process of oxygen and glucose consumption they generate a great deal of free radicals that they have little protection against.

R-lipoic acid offers them a much greater level of protection which means that they are protected against the ravages of oxidation. The end result is that mitochondria continue to function at higher levels for longer.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) has a number of key uses within the energy cycles of the mitochondria. Firstly it is responsible for shuttling fatty acids in to the mitochondria, therefore creating an environment for efficient production of ATP; it is also a prerequisite for ensuring that the energy of dietary fats are consumed by turning them into muscle and energy and therefore not into fat.

In addition ALC has also been shown to remove lipofuscin from cells. This age related toxin accumulates in cells and impedes their performance, removing it enhances the cells performance and communication, a healthier cell is one that can perform better.

Working together
It is well known that mitochondria decay with age, primarily due to the oxidation of proteins, lipids, DNA and RNA, the oxidation is to a large extent “self induced” because they use glucose and oxygen to create ATP molecules. Yet much of this decay can be reversed and slowed by using the mitochondrial metabolites acetyl-l-carnitine and r-lipoic acid found in Mito-Pro.

You can feel the benefit of improved mitochondrial condition within a short period of time. After regular supplementation with Mito-Pro you will notice that physical jobs get easier and that more energy reserves are available, you will get more results from what you do (e.g. more muscle mass and less fat reserves), plus you can take your workout up to the next level.

One capsule (each contains 300 mg of ALC and 30 mg of r-lipoic acid) three times daily (diabetics, particularly those using insulin, should note that r-lipoic acid can reduce blood sugar levels and therefore advice from a physician is required beforehand).

Bio-Pro II; boosting your potential
Bio-Pro II™ is an all new sublingual spray designed to boost energy spikes and also induce the will to want to do exercise. Bio-Pro II uses a number of novel ingredients in order to achieve this goal, they include;

Adaptogens are nature’s hormone balancers, their definition was defined in the 1960’s as substances that are non-toxic, able to increase resistance to a stressor (in this case physical endurance) and be able to normalize physiology.

It is understood that physiology is normalized by the rebalancing of the endocrine (hormonal) system via the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), some symptoms of a poor HPA include weak resistance to stress, muscles that ache easily, contracted pupils, quivering tongue and dark circles under the eyes. Adaptogens are known to counter these types of conditions.

Bio-Pro II has three key adaptogens, specifically eleuterococco, ashwagandha and rhodiola rosea.

The combination of these adaptogens are recorded to help reduce inflammation, improve lipid ratios (particularly cholesterol and insulin), boost energy and libido levels, enhance serotonin and dopamine (thus improving well being and drive/ determination) and helping to eliminate fatigue.

Remember to, that their ability to help rebalance hormones in the body can have numerous long term benefits, in this case by enhancing the anabolic response to exercise (e.g. gaining muscle and tone and losing fat).

This is nature’s own stimulant, obtained from a plant native to South America, it is something akin to caffeine, but it does not induce the “jitters” as caffeine can but rather it still induces an energy kick, encouraging physical activity with the will to “get up and go.”

Soy and tribulus
In addition to all of the above, Bio-Pro II also contains whole soy and the herb tribulus terrestris. Whole soy’s (rather than part soy’s) are able to rebalance estrogens in the body, both in women and in men by helping to lower the level of estradiol, thereby improving the testosterone- estrogen ratio.

Furthermore the addition of the herb tribulus terrestris is a well known and helpful agent to help increase testosterone levels, probably by stimulating the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone.

Two or three pumps from the bottle should be sprayed under the tongue 15 to 30 minutes before and after exercise. Bio-Pro II may also be used generally up to 4-times daily.

Carnosine; blocking lactic acid
Carnosine is a di-peptide (two linked amino acids) that has some very interesting antiaging properties. But for exercise and sport carnosine exhibits a very interesting and useful benefit, namely that it can inhibit the accumulation of lactic acid.

We all know the feeling, that after a bout of exercise the muscles begin to ache and feel painful. This is the build-up of lactic acid that presents itself after physical motion. It can be most intrusive, particularly in one hasn’t finished the program, or there is still a considerable walk home (or perhaps to the club house!)

Therefore the use of carnosine before and after exercise can both inhibit and slow down the lactic acid accumulation and also help to break it down more quickly after exercise. Therefore in these two ways carnosine can significantly reduce the appearance and pain of lactic acid.

100 mg before and after most exercise programs will suffice, although some individuals may need to double this dose.

The IAS energy pack has three specific goals, firstly it is designed to enhance an exercise program, to ensure that good results are achieved, (therefore will the individual into continuing the program) and also to give the incentive to start doing something in the first place! Secondly it is designed to protect your energy producing systems from the damage of aerobic exercise and to ensure that the energy producing cells, (the mitochondria) stay in good shape for the long run and thirdly, it is designed to reduce the side effects of exercise (i.e. lactic acid), thereby ensuring that sports and exercise are associated with fun and not pain.

See what an IAS energy pack can do for your body and fitness.