Synergistic Programs – Detox pack

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Detox and tackle your toxins with our synergistic detox pack

It is a fact if life that today we live on a poisoned plant and despite how careful we think we may be in regard to “coming into contact with toxic chemicals” the very act of eating, drinking and breathing is enough to ingest contaminants. Over months and years these “body burdens” can accumulate in body tissues, until immunity is overcome and then into a real health problem.

It is well known that we are under attack from industrial pollutants such as dioxins and PCB’s, plus there are pseudo estrogens in the food chain- mainly because of the use of pesticides and the contraceptive pill, (this drug and others are excreted in urine and they are not removed at the treatment plants- so they are consumed again!)

Then there are the chemicals from plastic containers, pipes, bottles and wrappers that are leaching into our drinking water and food. On top of that, the burning of fossil fuels, (coal, wood and oil, primarily to generate electric), release heavy metals that settle onto the ground and sea, to become a part of our plants and our animals/ fish, which we absorb when we eat them. These are heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium etc., and any toxicologist will tell you that they are nasty stuff.

Meanwhile, if you think that this doesn’t effect you because you don’t live near a power plant, consider that birds in northern California have been examined and found to contain mercury, the isotope of which can be identified as coming from coal burning in China. Thus the world’s winds have made this a global issue.

The problem is immense, for example a world expert on chelation (the removal of heavy metals) is Dr. Garry Gordon; he has evidence that our “modern” bones (the primary accumulation source for lead) have on-average one thousand times the lead content in them when compared to pre-industrialized man! Industry and commerce and agribusiness have made a huge impact.

The World Health Organisation refers to these toxins as endocrine disruptors, in other words they play havoc with hormones! And if that is the case, then this imbalance is going to be responsible for many issues including fatigue, depression etc., and of course it can also lead to weak immunity and from that onto the onset of numerous diseases, including cancers etc.

Doing something regularly to lower your body burdens- to excrete these toxins and help ensure a strong immune system has now become a necessity. Whilst many nutritional companies and specialists provide excellent nutrition, all too often detox and chelation is overlooked- yet one could consider that this is the first step to undertake. At the end of the day, special compounds are required to lower the toxins and because we come into contact with them regularly this regime should be undertaken as often as possible.

Oral; an easy and effective method for everyone
Chelation experts will tell you that the intravenous forms of chelation are the most potent and this is true. However it is not always possible for patients to attend chelation centers every week for a few hours to “sit under the drip.” What’s more, as Dr. Gordon has been stating at his conferences for years, oral detox is still necessary to do regularly, (in those intravenous gaps) and naturally an oral detox program is much easier and simpler to perform.

It is estimated that oral detox provides about 10% of the excretion when compared to an intravenous drip, but as stated above, the difference is that oral can be undertaken every day.

IAS’ synergistic detox pack contains these special compounds to ensure that the highest level of daily protection and excretion is made possible, so you can start to lower your body’s burdens today.

Heavy Detox; the most potent oral chelator available
The first product in the IAS synergistic detox pack has been designed by Garry Gordon, M.D. It is perhaps the most potent single oral product available to help eliminate heavy metals, especially mercury (which is one of the most toxic, if not the most toxic of all the heavy metals).

Called Heavy Detox each capsule contains potent quantities of DMSA and D-glucuronolactone (as used in the detox centers) as well as a high dose of selenium, (which binds to and inactivates mercury). This is all contained in a propriety base of methylators and liver/ kidney detox agents to help pass out the heavy metals effectively, these include resveratrol, quercetin, rutin and milk thistle.

Heavy Detox can be taken as 1-capsule daily for general protection; however for a full detox it is recommended to consume 1 capsule for each 50 lbs bodyweight (22.7 Kg) for 1-month on; then 1-month off with this program cycled as necessary. We recommend that Heavy Detox is consumed in the evening.

DIM-Pro; protection against environmental estrogens
To help tackle the estrogen problem we have included DIM-Pro. This concentrated extract of the Brassica vegetables contains di-indolylmethane (DIM), as well as the supporting agents of chaste berry and lycopene. This combination enables the liver to excrete more estrogen, particularly the estradiol type, the one that is considered to be the most carcinogenic.

It has also been suggested that DIM can act as a mild aromatase inhibitor, thus helping to prevent the accumulation of estrogens in the body too.

DIM-Pro can be used by women as well as men, as it helps to bring estrogen ratios back to normal and this can have important issues in the battle against cancers, in particular cervical, breast and prostate, which are believed to be more and more likely linked to estrogen issues.

As regards doses, dependant on the need 1 to 3 capsules of DIM-Pro can be taken daily.

Essential Daily Defense, Dr. Gordon’s detox formula for everyday
Dr. Gordon has designed Essential Daily Defense(EDD) to be the natural detox formula that everyone can use everyday. Just 3 capsules (taken with food) provides a unique blend, including calcium EDTA, malic acid and allicin.

In particular the addition of calcium EDTA is important; this has been proven to be one of the broadest chelation agents and is another of those special compounds that are at the core of chelation/ detox centers. Note that calcium EDTA is not the same as sodium EDTA and that it is only the calcium version that should be used, which is why Dr. Gordon has included it in EDD.

The combination of these three synergistic products in the IAS detox pack, when used regularly, provides a unique mix of protection against the vast majority of everyday pollutants as well a substantial base for a long term approach to reducing the body burdens placed upon all of us.

Once the body burdens are on the retreat, the immune system will be enhanced, free radical attacks will decrease and hormones will find it easier to be in balance.

This is the reason why here at IAS we believe that a detox program is at the core of an antiaging regime.