Synergistic Program – Age Prevention

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

What is the best way to tackle aging?

How can we prevent aging’s annoyances from becoming disorders and diseases?

Optimal Health Pyramid We’ve done our best to simplify the answers for you by breaking down the protocols and products into 4 categories. We hope that you enjoy reading about this program and trust that you find great benefit from following its path. We all know that prevention is the best cure!

Due to the wide array of the theories of aging, it is best to “manage” your aging on several different levels. In order to simplify the process as much as possible, we’ve designed the ultimate optimal health pyramid. This comprises of four levels:

  • Basics.
  • Additional.
  • Advanced.
  • Premium.

The ultimate optimal health pyramid visualizes the advantages of each stage, enabling you to “build” the strongest program for your own optimal health. In this way that the greatest long-term health benefits can be obtained.

The IAS ultimate optimal health pyramid

Basics – The essentials

This level can best be described as lifestyle elements comprising of:

1. Exercise:
Studies show that exercise does not have to be extremely vigorous or intense. Just 3 or 4 decent workouts each week- i.e., brisk walks, cycling, swimming or gym attendance for 40 minutes at a time, (and rotated so that you stimulate different muscle groups) can be very beneficial for physical condition, heart and mental outlook etc. Additional efforts, like climbing stairs and parking away from the shops can all make a difference.
2. Eat and cook sensibly:
No single diet works for everyone, watch your calorie intake and understand carbohydrates, (i.e., simple and complex) and how they change when food is cooked differently, (e.g. boiled or grilled etc). Always choose organic and avoid all processed foods, avoid saturated and hydrogenated fats (i.e. animal and margarine) – instead choose mono unsaturated fats, the good oils include olive, canola, sesame, sunflower and walnut. If you really can’t do without sweetness then choose fructose or Xylitol over sucrose. Avoid foodstuffs that trigger excitotoxins, particularly aspartame and monosodium glutamate. Avoid eating the same things all the time and discover how to balance your body’s Ph through diet. Lower your estrogenic and toxin levels by not cooking anything in plastics and saran wraps, (also avoid freezing in the same). Some also believe that food cooked in microwaves should be avoided, but certainly all aluminum as well as non-stick pots, pans and cutlery should be eliminated from your kitchen.
3. Drink water regularly:
Consume 2 to 3 liters of pure water per day, (spring water in glass bottles). Do not substitute water for tea, coffee or beer etc., these drinks are diuretics, i.e. you will lose more water than you put in- especially true of coffee. Excess alcohol will inhibit your liver/ kidney function and lead to an accumulation of estrogens, (hence weight gain) but red wine (due to the presence of resveratrol and antioxidants) has been shown to be beneficial to blood/ heart health in small doses. As we dehydrate with age, this problem can be overcome by drinking water before you feel thirsty.
4. Be positive:
Maintain a loving, social and active persona to have a positive outlook.
5. Relax:
Chill out! Whether it’s meditation or by other means- do what’s best for you to regularly reduce your stress levels.
6. Get some sunshine:
Around 30-minutes of sunshine a day can dramatically improve vitamin D levels. This has many benefits, e.g., a recent study highlighted that men with higher vitamin D levels had half the incidence of prostate cancer. But remember that over doing sun/ UV exposure can lead to skin cancers and accelerate the appearance of aged skin/ wrinkles through “photoaging.” A careful balance needs to be maintained. Our Beyond Bone Defense contains a very high strength of 1200IU of vitamin D in each capsule.
7. Maintain a healthy sleep pattern:
Deep sleep (REM) and regular sleep patterns are a key to feeling alert, focused and on good form. Melatonin Zn Se is an amazing supplement that can help you do that, especially if you work irregular hours or travel frequently.

  1. 8. Avoid pollution:
    Do whatever you can to spend as little time around cigarette smoke and pollution.


When you’re ready to take some additional steps to attain your own optimal health, then you can begin your trek into antiaging proper and IAS is here to help you all the way:

    • Control your allergies:
      Be aware of what your allergic reactions. Everyone has some allergies to varying degrees, the most common are those associated with pollens, dairy produce and other foodstuffs such as wheat, coffee, food colorants etc. The “hidden” allergies are those linked with pesticides, plastics and metals, (particularly mercury and nickel). Plus there are other chemicals, including coatings and preservatives, (like arsenic found in pressed wood or formaldehyde in other household materials), many more to be found in personal care products, (i.e. perfumes and soaps) or household cleaners etc. It is clear that allergies may be responsible for a wide variance of disorders, including skin disorders, asthma and depression but they also lead to an increase of “allergy antibodies” such as IgE and histamine- causing inflammation, (a trigger for many diseases, particularly heart conditions).. The effects of many allergies can be reduced by good gut ecology, which is supported by the use of “friendly” bacteria (probiotics). In addition, supplements that can aid with allergies and inflammation include; vitamin C and MSM (both contained in Beyond C), thymus peptides (Thym-Uvocal), bromelain (Wobenzym N and Endozym-Med), omega 3 oils (Omega Pro and Krill), magnesium (Gamalate), vitamin B12 (Beyond B12) and anti-histamines like Zirtec.
    • Excrete your toxic body burdens:
      The simple facts are that because of industrial pollution- eating, drinking, breathing and bathing means we are constantly absorbing endocrine (hormone) disruptors; particularly pseudo estrogens derived from plastics and pesticides and in addition- heavy metals, such as mercury from eating fish, cadmium from road tire abrasion, arsenic from wood contact, lead from coal burning etc. All of these can be absorbed by our systems each and every day. Thus, over time, these result in a list of issues and problems that could fill the rest of this publication! Much of this is now recognised and well documented, and the lifelong work of chelation (meaning the removal of heavy metals) expert, Garry Gordon, M.D., has highlighted the natural substances; EDTA, DMSA, malic acid and allicin etc., as having great affinity to remove these toxic burdens- even when taken orally. We have therefore incorporated products specially formulated by Dr. Gordon himself. So to detox metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and aluminium, we recommend the regular use of Essential Daily Defense and for more extreme cases; Heavy Detox. Those with particular concerns about their dental work can look to the unique EZ Defense Gum and healthy bathing can now be achieved through the use of the unique bath salts; Beyond Clean. Estrogens can be detoxed more rapidly and efficiently with the use of DIM-Pro and Beyond C. Saunas (particularly the new infa-red ones) are also a welcome part in the overall battle against the by-products of modern life.
    • Reduce your parasites:
      We may not like the fact that we share our bodies with millions of other organisms. But while some of them are welcome as “friendly” bacteria, others such as flukes and yeasts place a strain upon our systems, consuming our nutrition and then excreting ammonia, which then has to be removed. The symptoms of parasite excess can be experienced as lethargy, depression and fatigue. Our ancestors used to worm themselves regularly- using substances such as wormwood, but what they didn’t realize is that it also helped remove flukes too, lessening the “strain” upon their system. Artemisinin is the active extract of wormwood and is now available in this “concentrated” form, so its occasional “anti-fluke” use is recommended. Yeasts and other parasites can be combated with oregano, olive leaf, licorice, mushroom extracts and zinc, which are all contained in Immuni-T3. There is also the drug treatment for yeast infections (such as candida/ thrush) with fluconazole.
    • Boost your immunity:
      Much can be done to maintain a strong immune system by the methods described in the “toxins” and “parasite” sections described previously. Good immunity is vital because it ensures that we remain strong and healthy. Should infection set in, then its elimination as soon as possible is essential. Before antibiotics were invented Silver proteins were used to neutralize germs- they are still highly effective. Biostim is a unique substance- this bacterial extract increases the white blood cell count, enhancing natural immunity- before infection occurs. A course of just 32-tablets can provide up to 12-months protection, making it highly cost effective. There are of course a wide range of antibiotics for the more serious infections, including the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu.
  • Support your methylation processes:
    Studies show that the quality of food has declined consistently since the 1940’s. Intensive farming techniques and the fact that foodstuffs are now transported over long distances, have all contributed to reduce its nutritional quality and quantity. Furthermore, even if food was perfect, it is clear that the battle against aging is not going to be won by diet alone. Our bodies rely on a ready supply of agents to allow chemical conversions to take place billions of times every second, (e.g., methylation). To maintain healthy and constant methylation requires the availability of a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and essential oils. We recommend the excellent and complete multi-vitamin with omega oils and much more; Beyond Chelation Improved plus supplemental vitamin C (Beyond C), CoQ10 and SAMe.


As you become more aware of the methodology behind antiaging, you will realize that having a strong base gives even greater benefit to the advanced level, as described here:

    • Target specific areas of your personal weaknesses:
      Everyone has their own individual issues, whether it is a troubling joint ache, aged skin or a heart condition, it may even be a concern about family history, such as parents who suffered from a senile dementia or cancer. They spur us on to take measures to improve and prevent. Our website carries hundreds of categories; to help you select a specific condition please see our cross reference list. Alternatively to choose synergistic programs (products that work together)
  • Enhance your brain function:
    One of the most overlooked areas in antiaging medicine today is brain support, its enhancement and nutrition. Clearly this is of fundamental importance, as the brain is the command center over a hierarchy of organs. Furthermore, who are we if we are not lucid? Maintaining good brain health safeguards against dementia and it also lessens depression; additionally it can make us more interesting, bright, attentive and informative individuals.


What do we find at the top of the pyramid?

    • Maintain a youthful balance of hormones:
      The most discussed area of antiaging medicine is the use of bio-identical hormones. This effort to maintain youthful levels of hormones includes; DHEA, cortisol, estrogens, human growth hormone, melatonin, pregnenolone, progesterone, testosterone, thymus and thyroid. These “chemical messengers” are powerful agents and the question arises is aging caused by the hormonal imbalance/ change, or do the hormone imbalance/ change cause aging? Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy- when used correctly can help improve immune function, skin thickness, hair quality, muscle mass, fat levels, organ condition and well being etc. Apart from taking hormones themselves, there are a number of drugs and supplements that can adjust balances. Whether they are aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex or Femara or prolactin inhibitors such as bromocriptine or cabergoline or DHT inhibitors such as Finasteride or Dutasteride etc., there is a lot of choice available today. But as hormones require blood testing and other monitoring- best performed by a health professional, this category has been placed into the “premium” section.
  • Incorporating emerging technologies:
    At the very top end of the scale are the new emerging technologies, in particular stem cells and micro-RNAs. Whilst stem cells are available now, due to current delivery systems, they are at present not highly targeted to individual needs. Hopefully the greater understanding of their use and easier (indeed less controversial) methods of their production could see their cost decline dramatically and thereby more widespread use. In addition, emerging evidence about the roles of RNA (ribonucleic acid) in gene expression, may very soon give us tools that would be able to switch genes on and off, for example; cancer-genes off and anti-cancer genes on etc. We live in exciting times.