Spring Clean Your Body – the FIGHT detox

Written by GORDON, M.D., Garry F

As the levels of pollution in our environment continue to rise, the cumulative damage to our bodies is also increased. Countering these toxins and metals that can sit within our systems causing untold damage to our health is a continual fight, but taking action against them can start at any time.

This is where a detox helps – kick starting the regenerative process and giving us a clean slate to begin again. It’s like giving our body a breath of fresh air – physically and metaphorically ‘blowing away the cobwebs’.

The F.I.G.H.T program I’ve developed looks after all aspects of our wellbeing and lifestyles, so we have a chance of attaining optimum health, for good. Every part of our body’s ability to fight infection and function efficiently is connected – what we eat and drink, our genetics, our environment and even things like how happy we are; all play a crucial cumulative role in our health. With this in mind, it’s vital that we have the most effective versatile and accessible ways of detoxing at our disposal – a great platform for renewal.

The need to make a detox a regular part of our health regime

Unless we purge the accumulation of toxins in our body regularly, we’re at risk of all sorts of diseases, infections, and inflammation. Of course, things like diet play a key role; eating more fruits and vegetables, consuming less food high in saturated fats and eating organic produce where possible all help our health. Our lifestyles matter too; not consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or not smoking, taking regular exercise and getting adequate rest all mean that we’re in a better position to counter the onslaught of toxins. Fighting these pathogens is considerably helped by taking relevant supplements like vitamins and antioxidants; especially useful when our lifestyles are busy, and we simply don’t have a choice about the amount of impurities that we inadvertently eat and breathe in.

Some of the worst toxic offenders are heavy metals. In particular, of real concern are mercury and lead, two heavy metals, which are increasingly being found in our food, air and water. These metals have the capacity to sit damaging our systems indefinitely – they’re very hard indeed for our body to shift without help. This is why detox supplements and therapies that target these metals are necessary.

The tools we need for an effective and practical detox

Ideally, a detox needs to be integrated into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. There are plenty of detox treatments on the market, but we must be selective when choosing the right detox for purpose – many are neither practical nor effective. In fact, many detox supplements end up removing beneficial nutrients and elements as well as impurities from the system. They can also involve foregoing a normal and balanced diet. This is why I only recommend supplements and treatments that are practical, effective and comprehensive:


Containing a form of volcanic mineral that has a rare crystalline structure, ZeoGold can absorb and contain invading free radicals and soak up toxins. Once absorbed, these impurities and especially metals are collected, and then removed naturally from the system. ZeoGold is also known as ZeoGold Zeolite as the volcanic mineral it contains is known as a zeolite – a Micronized Hydro-colloid (MHZ). These colloidal particles have the ability to mop up harmful metals in the system like aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and tin, but leave useful metals like zinc and potassium in the body – the perfect natural filter for the body.

ZeoGold incorporates Bio-En’R-Gy C, a leading vitamin C supplement in its own right. Not only are effectively high doses of powerful antioxidants delivered, but a proprietary mix of cellular detoxification ingredients is also released into the system – things like GMS-Ribose and Glutathione Lipoate with Humic Acid – the complete gold standard in detoxification.

Bio-En’R-Gy C

As we’ve just looked at, Bio-En’R-Gy C is a mix of useful and powerful detoxifying enzymes and antioxidants. The ‘C’ in the title refers to a Ribose Nucleotide Activated (RNA) vitamin C. This is essentially a patented way of delivering high doses of the fundamental antioxidant – vitamin C – using riboperine metabolites, without any side effects such as a stomach upset.

Another key ingredient in Bio-En’R-Gy C is MSM. Known as Methylated glycine and methylsulfonylmethane, MSM helps liver function – a vital organ in cleaning our body throughout our lives. It also is necessary for cell energy and overall health, even assisting in cell replication. Delivering sulfur is another mechanism of MSM, a building block for joint tissue, skin and nail tissue, cartilage. When we add all these ingredients together, the properties of Bio-En’R-Gy C equal body rejuvenation on a comprehensive scale.

Active H-minus

Found consistently in the most nutritious raw foods in tiny quantities, negative hydrogen is an elementally powerful antioxidant. It literally charges cells and destroys free radicals – the damaging products of toxins, aging and sunlight.

Active H-Minus hydrogen is a detox supplement providing negative hydrogen ions. Why negative hydrogen is so exciting for health is because it works on a cellular level, by protecting and building the powerhouses of all cells – mitochondria. These delicate structures are subject to attack by free radicals and when cells are not energised, they die and become prone to infection.

Using active H-minus means that free radical damage can be minimised. Therefore, long term conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, depression, thyroid and hormone imbalances, can potentially be treated or even averted.

PEMF therapy

Standing for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency, PEMF therapy is a remarkable way of repairing cells and tissue throughout the whole body. Leading PEMF machines such as the PMT100 are used by physiotherapists worldwide for treating chronic pain and healing bone and damaged tissue. What really sets PEMF therapy apart is because it’s non-invasive, painless and has an ability to charge the body’s natural regeneration processes – improving blood and oxygen flow around the body. This has huge implications for the detoxification process; simply by harnessing something as fundamental as restoring the body’s natural electro-magnetic energy.

The long game

Living cleanly and as healthily as we can should be a daily activity – a baseline from which to incorporate sporadic detoxing. However, it’s not always easy to get the nutrients and lifestyle balance we crave. As our world becomes more filled with toxins and hard to shift metals that stay in our systems, we really need to do as much as we can to rid our bodies of these harmful impurities. Complete health is not just about our body either; it’s affected by the way we think about ourselves and our actions. Thinking positively is as necessary a part of wellbeing as eating healthily, getting the right supplements and our genetics. By looking at every aspect of our health through the FIGHT program, we can look to the future as though it’s a new start all year round: openly, proactively and with freshness as our byword.