Is Reversing Aging Degenerate?

Written by LIPPMAN, Ph.D., Richard

Since the serialization of Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” in the 1890s, the idea of staying forever young while an oil painting grew older was condemned as degenerate. Indeed, several years later Wilde was imprisoned for his alleged degeneracies. Then, in 1945, Albert Lewin’s film adaptation of the novel was poorly received given the attitudes about aging and morality at that time. In 1978 I published my first antiaging article in a prominent scientific journal, and my ex-wife, her father, and many others scorned me for wasting my time on something degenerate and useless.

During the early eighties I realized the need for an innovative product that would break the addiction of smokers. Thus, I invented the nicotine patch and tried to advertise it on national television. During the late eighties, prominent national broadcasters rejected my ads because my depiction of lung cancer was deemed to be “in poor taste.” Despite this setback, my work with the nicotine patch went on to save millions of lives. My interpretation of these events was that it was no longer degenerate to address smoking and lung cancer—only in poor taste.

Subsequently, the US Patent Office accepted my claims (1) to “retard human aging.” It was the only US patent ever granted with such a radical claim and, therefore, many people were skeptical. In 2002 the National Institute on Aging (NIA) commissioned three independent government labs to test my patent claims on government mice. All three labs reported an average increase in lifespan of 8 percent using my patented remedy ACF228™. Thus, my skeptics were silenced.

If we fast-forward to a well-attended medical convention in Las Vegas in November 2010, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe of the Hertoghe School of Medicine in Brussels proclaimed that “aging could now be reversed by approximately ten to twenty years.” Of course, few medical professionals believed Dr. Hertoghe, with the exception of my best friend, celebrated neurosurgeon John Henrickson Jr., and me. Dr. Hertoghe’s methods were later confirmed by conventional medical doctors at the June 2013 meeting of the Endocrine Society in San Francisco (2).

Today, Dr. Henrickson and I can also attest that Dr. Hertoghe’s methods are genuine. Believe me, what has happened to me has, at times, been disconcerting. After five years of using the methods he describes in “The Hormone Handbook, Volume 1 and Volume 2” (3), I can now safely claim to have retarded my aging by approximately fifteen to twenty years. At my advanced biologic age of seventy years, I find it interesting to encounter women in their twenties flirting with me with warm smiles and touches because my appearance is that of a much younger man.

On an athletic level, I find that my renewed body can do the work of a young person without noticeably tiring. For example, even though I have always been a sedentary scientist, I now find that I can drive my body to extreme physical tasks such as rolling a heavy trash can up a forty-five-degree incline, digging a wide and deep trench with a pick and shovel, or working in my forest at the top of a twelve-foot ladder with a gas-powered chain saw in my hand. Few men over the age of fifty would dare to do such strenuous activities unless they had engaged in a lifetime of bodybuilding and nutrition programs as exemplified by the late Jack LaLanne. I have my own research and that of Dr. Hertoghe to thank.

I challenge others to implement this research in their own lives despite the criticism and scorn. And please read my book, “Stay 40,” which is currently available on Amazon.

Implementing an Antiaging Lifestyle


First, Dr. Hertoghe (3) and I support eating a more sensible diet. This means abandoning the North American heavy sugar and large portion cuisine and adopting a more caveman-like diet called Paleolithic. My sisters and I go to an extreme with a Paleolithic diet and every other day eat raw seafood such as salmon sashimi and lobster sashimi¹ combined with sweet sliced ginger, soya sauce, and wasabi. For the days in between, I consume extremely healthy Swedish food such as ‘gravlax’ (thinly sliced salmon) and ‘Janssons frestelse’ (Jansson’s temptation), both of which are based on anchovies and raw salmon. Another culinary delight found in every Scandinavian country is ‘räksmörgås.’ This is an open-faced shrimp¹ sandwich with lots of boiled baby shrimp, lemon, mayonnaise, salad greens, carrots, and a sliced, hard-boiled egg on top. All Scandinavians swear by the health benefits of räksmörgås, and its recipe and that of Janssons frestelse can be found on Google.

I also recommend occasional consumption of Korean food such as the favorite of my terriers’ and mine, ‘Bi Bim Bop.’ This staple Korean food is extremely nutritious and healthy because it contains 95 percent veggies and a tiny amount of spicy, stringy beef on the side. I emphasize the phrase ‘on the side’ because more than 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson strongly advised that meat should not be eaten as a main course but only as a side dish. I believe there is much our ingenious founding fathers can teach us in addition to their Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers.

High Protein

Even if you absolutely cannot eat the exotic foods I have listed, I advocate a heavy protein diet combined with exercise and sex hormones (Esnatri™ cream natural triple estrogens for women and Testoluten for men) because these remedies help maintain muscle mass. Men especially lose one-half of their muscle mass between the ages of thirty-five and seventy. As a result, half of all seventy-year-old men cannot rise from their armchairs without using their arms.

Many people do not realize that even vegetarians can maintain a high protein diet by regularly consuming lentils. Lentil consumption is common in Europe because lentils are the only vegetable that is richer in protein than steak. I discovered my favorite lentil recipe while dining at a three-star restaurant in Monaco run by the renowned chef Alain Ducasse. His meaty-tasting lentil stew is delicious to smell and taste, and as an added bonus, it is very healthy to eat. I always start with fresh veggies and spices. I allow five cups of lentils to soak overnight. I boil them together with chopped onions and bay leaf for twenty minutes. (Alternatively, you can buy two cans of Eden organic lentils and add them to a stew.) Next, I add a pinch of red flake, two tablespoons of chopped tarragon, two beef bouillon cubes, garlic salt, tomato sauce, chopped black olives, chopped broccolini, and a jar of capers. For die-hard meat lovers, I also add two or three tablespoons of diced beef or steak, as Thomas Jefferson advised. Last, I simmer this stew for twenty minutes and serve it hot in soup bowls with a dozen lima beans sprinkled on top. Alain Ducasse would applaud my efforts.

The diet my sister and I follow may seem extreme, but it is not extreme for hundreds of millions of Japanese, Koreans, and Scandinavians.

Preventing Cancer

Second, I strongly suggest that you follow Dr. Hertoghe’s and my golden rule for avoiding cancer, especially stomach and intestinal cancer, by trying to avoid deep-fried and grilled food cooked at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You should try to eat your meals at room temperature, merely blanching veggies or only boiling meats and not grilling them. Interestingly, the Okinawans are the longest living people on the planet, and they typically consume boiled pork the ‘other white meat’ that releases its inflammatory fats in water and boiled vegetables. If you absolutely must grill something, try not to burn it and only use butter² or coconut oil because vegetable oils convert to carcinogens when they are heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Burning meat causes the same carcinogens as cigarette smoking. I learned this simple fact during my first year of medical school when I read a 1948 case study that showed 60 percent of Icelandic villagers who consumed smoked fish as their staple diet developed stomach cancer. Surprisingly, I find little difference between cigarette smoking and eating smoked foods except that the first negatively impacts the lungs and the second adversely affects the GI tract.

I highly recommend other preventive anticancer steps such as consuming 5,000 units of vitamin D3 (D3 5,000™) daily, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, and DIM (Dim-Pro™).

The Right Fruits and Veggies

Third, you should try to consume fruits and veggies rich in cancer-fighting anthocyanins. Anthocyanin is an important word to remember if you value your health and a life free from cancer. Anthocyanin veggies are often brightly colored and somewhat bitter. Unfortunately, a hundred generations of farmers have selectively bred them out of our vegetable stocks and replaced them with lots of fruit sugar. Case in point: the modern white Idaho potato contains up to 20 percent sugar and almost no anthrocyanins compared to a rich source found in Okinawan and Maui purple potatoes. According to Jo Robinson’s 2013 book “Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health,” the fruits and veggies richest in anthocyanins are blackberries, blueberries, cherries, beets, cabbage, radicchio (my favorite), and purple potatoes. Recently, Dr. Barry Sears of The Zone diet fame told me personally that consuming large daily quantities of anthocyanin-rich dark fruits and veggies is critical for preventing cancer. I even feed large quantities of them daily to my two terriers.

Daily Exercise

Fourth, to reverse aging by at least ten to twenty years. Dr. Hertoghe and I advise daily exercise. I personally favor daily swimming, walking, or forestry work with a ladder and chain saw.

Corrective Hormones

Finally, I encourage hormone corrective therapy that is known to reverse aging by approximately ten to twenty years (3). For those in middle age or older, hormone correction includes daily consumption of oxytocin (OxyPro™), vasopressin (VasoPro™), aldosterone (AldoSpray™, Minirin®), natural thyroid (Armour thyroid™, ERFA, Natural Thyroid), melatonin ZNSE (MZS™), melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH2-Pro™), progesterone (Progesterone Pro™ and P-Spray™), and many other hormones and nutrients exclusively available without prescription on this international pharmacy website.



1. Lippman, Richard. US Patent Nr. 4,695,590, 1987.

2. ENDO, the Endocrine Society meeting in San Francisco, June 2013.

3. Hertoghe, Thierry. The Hormone Handbook, Volumes 1 and 2. Luxembourg: International Medical Press, 2010.


1. All seafood consumed is from wild and fresh sources free of mercury and PCBs (pesticides) and caught in nonindustrial areas such as Alaska, Canada, Chile, and Hawaii.

2. Sixty million Frenchmen use butter extensively in their cooking without adversely affecting their health or longevity.