Designer Toothpaste Not Found In Your Local Store!

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

Mostly modern foods and life styles endanger our teeth, a valuable possession. Daily brushing, the basic hygiene requirement is not enough to keep them healthy. To work against the normal aging process, a “build up, renewal and protective matrix” must be applied in order to keep teeth and gums healthy.

NeyDent ®, is another IAS first, it is a newly formatted toothpaste that prevents and heals bleeding gums, infections and inflammations of the mouth, as well as paradontois, loose teeth, bad breath and pain.

NeyDent ® prevents caries and pain when the teeth are extremely sensitive. NeyDent ® also improves the blood flow, which strengthens the gums and builds up resistance against colds and infections.

NeyDent ® has biological cleaning power, tastes pleasant, and creates fresh breath and a fresh feeling in the mouth.

This is a healing dentifrice containing a combination of natural regeneration and protective supplements, manufactured under a patented method.

The unsurpassed effect of NeyDent ® is achieved with a combination of 11 types of ingredients, including:

A mixture of bovine extracted bimolecular proteins containing, placenta, membrane, tissue and organic cells;
An antibacterial matrix called Liquor Amnil, as well as antibodies to fight against infection and bacteria that may cause inflammation and caries.
Electrolytes and micro ingredients of vitamins, hormones and enzymes strengthen the natural biological functions, and white blood cell antibodies protect the mouth membranes.
NeyDent ® also contains yeast, rich in the vitamin B complex, and also vitamin C.
There are oils to protect against bleeding gums and acids to prevent the shrinking of tissue and allow for better cell activity.
There are natural fluorides to harden the teeth’s surface.
Optimal mixture of cleaning materials and sea salt for mechanical cleaning,
And finally aromatic oils for activation of blood flow as well as creating a pleasant taste and aroma.

As you can see NeyDent ® contains a plethora of ingredients to perform a multitude of tasks, without doubt NeyDent ® does not have an equal.

Like all toothpastes NeyDent ® should be used frequently in the normal manner for maximum effectiveness, it is side effect free, only in very rare cases; those persons who are sensitive to alkyl-4-hydrobenzoate (Parabene) have had sensitive reactions.

Overall NeyDent ® is one of the truly effective toothpastes available.