Desiccated Glandular Products and RNA Supplementation

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

This article is a synopsis of glandular therapies and treatments that have been a basis of German “alternative” medicine for a number of years. It is designed to introduce the use of desiccated glandular products such as ovaries, testes and thyroid etc (see separate article in this issue), and RNA (ribonucleic acid) supplementation (trade name RN13 or NeyGeront ®). The main clinical studies are based upon Lachnit, Klausner, Proszowski and Rieder’s work entitled “Ageing and Disease, A Macromolecular Problem?” Copies are available upon request.

Ecosystem man

The desire for health is a basic component of daily language. The German word “Gesundheit” used when someone sneezes means “health.” We wish each other good health on birthdays, for the New Year and many other festive occasions. We are even concerned with our physical well being when we raise a glass to propose a toast, with words such as “Prost” or “Cheers.”

But things such as the Chernobyl accident, the dying of forests, the ozone gap, climatic catastrophes, the air pollution and pesticides etc are all phenomena of our times that endanger our health. Along with the “Eco-system earth,” the open system of the “human Eco-system” can also lose its balance as well.

Like all Eco-systems, the human being achieves stability through the harmonious co-operation of multiple factors. We are all aware that if the elements air and water are disturbed, plants can no longer live, herbivores can no longer find food and carnivores must then die. The same situation applies to the human ecosystem. The repair of individual damaged organs does little good when the organic entirety has to be fortified in its resistance.

Biomolecular therapy or BT (consisting primarily of glandular and RNA therapy) is a treatment that helps maintain the harmonious co-operation of the human ecosystem. The molecular building blocks of nature affect each and every individual cell, they are the basic building blocks of each organism.

The cell is the smallest, and, at the same time, the most elementary building block in the human ecosystem.

The advantage of BT is that it not only serves to cure existing health defects but it is also suitable for the prevention of illness. And prevention is necessary, for whenever we encounter the so-called routine “complaints” such as; stomach-ache, head-ache, sleeplessness, dysfunction’s of the appetite, or fatigue, the alarm system of the human ecosystem has been triggered. We may compare the human ecosystem to a mountain lake. Its well balanced ability to function is determined by many factors; the ideal composition of the water, the adequate organisms from fauna and flora, the oxygen content, the nitrogen content and other individual elements.

Once we introduce pollutants into the lake e.g. waste water or oil, the lake becomes turbid. However, it will use its defence mechanism in order to destroy these elements, and eventually it can recuperate. However, if the limit of pollutants is exceeded, the lake’s defence system become fundamentally damaged, and thus the entire balance is overthrown.

In the same way there is a need to strive toward the intact human ecosystem. Indeed, we have to act not only to repair but essentially to take precautions and to exercise precaution. Thus, if we can maintain our own ecosystem and increase our functional capacity, we will boost the activity of individual organs and organic systems as well as increasing vitality. The idea behind BT is simple: Biomolecular therapy utilises the composition of natural bio-molecules for treatment. These building blocks are combined according to the symptoms, the organism receives exactly what it needs and as a result, the human ecosystem retains its harmonious balance.

More than 35 years of research and applications of the BT on a national (Germany) and international basis have demonstrated the high efficacy of this type of therapy, both in children and adults.

With advancing age, the metabolic activities of the different organic systems become increasingly more sluggish. The elementary building blocks of BT revitalise the metabolism and consequently eliminate any deficiency symptoms, just like they normalise the attrition which aging bodies experience but cannot combat from within.

One of the theories of aging is based upon the organism’s gradual loss of ability to divide itself. During the course of a human life, a cell divides about 40 times, thereby taking care of the continuos renewal of the total organism.

With BT, the rate of cell division can be increased by 20%. A higher activity of division means; more vitality, more mental flexibility, a higher quality of life and therefore a better enjoyment of life in old age.

If you are experiencing numerous symptoms and illnesses of various organs or such symptoms are present, you should consider therapy with BT.

Such an elementary holistic approach makes possible virtually unlimited applications. Most BT revitalisation therapies (such as RN13) are used mainly for prevention, whereas other forms of BT glandular therapies, (such as ovaries or testes) can treat specific diseases either in isolation, or in combination with medications.

Of course lower doses of such desiccated glandular therapies such as Ovarium (ovaries) or Virilium (testes) can help support specific glandular function and therefore may also be seen as a preventative.

Biomolecular Therapy can naturally harmonise the human ecosystem and therefore help to eliminate various disturbances in the individual’s system.

Biomolecular principles and history

Most disease of man and animals are accompanied by particular morphological and molecular cell changes, some of which are so specific that it is actually impossible to reach a diagnosis from histological samples alone.

Clinical chemistry also provides pointers to very specific cell defects. It seems a logical step to reverse these cell defects by supplying the body with the relevant components taken from healthy cells, so that the diseased organs can function properly again. This goes hand in hand with repair and renewal.

The therapeutic concept of providing sick organs with elements taken from identical healthy organs is not new. It can be traced back to the days of antiquity and also embraces Niehans’ cell therapy and organ lysate therapy.

Theurer indicated the principle of Biomolecular Therapy (BT) in the early fifties. Theurer was also responsible for endowing this principle with immunological flexibility, thus making it absolutely safe. Theurer realised right from the start that the therapeutic efficacy of organ preparations must be linked to their molecular components; proteins, peptides, lipids and polysaccharides. The nature of the internationally patented method of preparation, the holistic application, and the individual dose titration set this therapy apart from other organ extract and cell therapy techniques.

BT makes use of natural regulatory and metabolic substances which are similar in animals and man. Impaired regulatory processes are normalised by physiological means, providing causative support for the recovery process.

The supporting experimental literature from leading universities, institutes and clinics all over the world is vast and there are countless reports of success in human and veterinary practice.

It is precisely the causative effect which draws BT so close to the philosophy of the naturopath. Its rule is not to concentrate on curing the symptoms, but to see the body as a whole and to treat its entirety.

That is why BT does not use just one type of organ, e.g. thymus (which is, of course, very important), but also employs factors from other organs. Monotherapy (with one factor only), cannot do justice to the principle of holistic medicine because pathophysiological processes are interwoven with the complexity of cybernetic principles.

Using molecular extracts from healthy tissue for holistic therapy in accordance with immunological and alergolical principles means “treating the cause, not just the symptoms.”

Regeneresen (RN13) therapy

Specifically designed for geriatric disorders, the Biomolecular Therapy of RN13 (which is also known as Regeneresen or NeyGeront ®) is a unique combination of macromolecular organo-specific cell extracts from selected healthy young animals and animal foetuses. It is supported by nucleic acids, proteins, polysaccharides and lipids including their molecular sub-units and cellular energy transmitters.

A special cell processing technique was developed so that the presentation forms a soluble agent in the small intestine, this is in order to ensure the bioavailability of the cell elements administered.

RN13 also contains cell constituents of fresh organ tissues equivalent to those organs most frequently affected by the symptoms of stress, wear and aging- like the heart, thymus, gonads, liver, pancreas and other glands, including the mucous membranes and spleen. Furthermore it contains cell factors of total foetus, placenta, amnion and umbilical cord, which have a revitalising effect on the entire organism. The efficacy of these macromolecular cell extracts have been demonstrated in human cell cultures and confirmed statistically by the results of treatment in patients.

In addition, the carrier effect of these organo-specific cell elements is utilised in order to achieve a direct supply of vitamin complexes consisting of vitamins B6, B12 and E, as well as the agents- biolecthins, procaine and trace elements for organs showing signs of exhaustion.

The action of RN13 is therefore based on a two-fold therapeutic mechanism; first, on macromolecules supporting the regeneration and normalisation of cell functions and second, on tonics, vitamin complexes, amino acids and biolecthins that have an improving effect, in particular on cerebral activity and deficient cellular metabolism.

RN13 is therefore recommended for all the following states; general revitalisation, premature aging, states of physical and mental exhaustion, defective memory, disturbed potency arteriosclerosis, slow convalescence, difficulty in falling asleep, disturbed development and growth.

The injectable ampoules can be administered subcutaneously as follows, Monday one 2ml (yellow label) ampoule, Wednesday one 2ml (yellow label), Friday one 2ml (blue label), Monday one 2ml (blue label) and finally Wednesday one 2ml ampoule (red label). This series may be immediately repeated if deemed necessary and the entire course then repeated every 3-4 months.

In the interim periods (or if preferred, as a separate administered course) the RN13 capsules should be taken one in the morning and another in the early afternoon.

Desiccated ovaries and testes

In a similar vein to the desiccated thyroid product (discussed in this issue by Dr. Dean), any specialised, high-purity, desiccated product can be administered to help regenerate those specific damaged organs and tissues and inspire the body’s self healing processes to normalise the cell fu n c t i o n s .

Here we discuss Ovarium, a desiccated ovaries pharmaceutical grade product and Virilium, a desiccated testes pharmaceutical grade product,the former specific to support ingestrogen production/balance and the latter specific to support ingtestosterone production/balance.

Ovarium is a desiccated ovaries product of bovine origin containing biomolecular organlysates and designed to help treat menstruation and puberty disorders.The manufacturer recommends 1-3 tablets (dissolved in the mouth) three times daily (doses will depend upon the use and severity of the condition). It is also worth noting that Ovarium can be used prophylactically every 2-3 weeks for several days at a time.The manufacturer states there are no known side effects or contraindications.

Virilium is a desiccated testes product of bovine origin containing biomolecular organlysates and designed to help treat growth disorders, joint pain (rheumatism), procreation/sexual disability and premature aging.

The manufacturer recommends 1-3 tablets (dissolved in the mouth) three times a day (doses will depend upon the use and severity of the condition). Virilium is also recommended for prophylactic use every 2-3 weeks for several days at a time.

Again the manufacturer states no known side effects or contraindications.