7 questions posed to Dr. Richard Lippman regarding his product ACF 228

Written by LIPPMAN, Ph.D., Richard

1. What is your background and vast experience in the field?

I have a triple education in chemistry, medicine, and physics. I studied chemistry and physics at the Department of Physical Chemistry, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Subsequently, I attended medical school at Biomedicum, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden. (In Sweden, these two institutions are regarded as equivalent to MIT and Harvard University.) During my time at these two august institutions, I published 27 scientific papers in leading US gerontological journals.

Armed with a triple education I did advanced research into why we age and what we can do about it. My triple education resulted in my invention of the nicotine patch in the early ‘80s, and since then the patch has saved millions of lives. In addition, I invented several special medical instruments for measuring damages caused by aging, namely hormonal, free radical, and peroxidation phenomena. These measurements permitted me to petition the US Patent Office for a US patent demonstrating methods for slowing the aging process. I was granted a special patent never before or since granted by the US Patent Office with unique claims for slowing human aging. Subsequently, I received numerous world patents on my revolutionary work, and in 1996, the Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm, Sweden received my nomination for the Noble Prize in Medicine. To date, no one else has ever been nominated for a Noble Prize for achievements in anti-aging medicine.

2. Describe the background and uniqueness of ACF228 and its patent.

On the commercial side of my research, I spent over a decade registering with two medical authorities my product, ACF or Aging Control Formula. The FDAs of Sweden and Italy demanded clinical double-blind cross-over studies demonstrating the efficacy of ACF. The Italian FDA (Instituto dela Sanita) was especially demanding in their registration of ACF which was finally accomplished after seven years and large sums of research dollars expended in Rome, Italy. Professor Francesco Laurenti at the University of Rome spearheaded this arduous seven-year registration quest. The registration expenses were financed by Italy’s eminent industrialist, Dottore Rodrigo Rodriquez, former head of the Italian Furniture Manufacturers Association. ACF was even sold in the Vatican pharmacy, abet without the blessings of the Pope.

3. Please expand upon the fact that clinical trials (and their results) have been undertaken with the product- which is very unusual with nutritional products.

ACF was registered as a medical product, and not a supplement or nutraceutical. The above FDAs accepted that aging is a disease and not just a natural process. On the other hand, to this day the United States FDA does not accept aging as a disease, and consequently, US research has faltered as in the case of restricted American research in stem cells. My clinical studies demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Swedish and Italian FDA’s the value of ACF in slowing aging. These clinical studies may be downloaded from the US Patent Office’s website by clicking onto patent number 4,695,590.

4. The synergy of the product, how it attacks free radicals on multiple levels. (in my opinion no one has ever accurately described the cascade of free radical damage to the public and why each level needs to be quenched for complete elimination). Please expand upon the idea stated in your book that vitamins are not good free radical scavengers

As described in the patent and my book, “Stay 40,” ACF works on several levels of attack upon free radicals, free-radical toxic byproducts, namely lipid peroxides, and other toxins implicated in aging. Many experts in the growing field of anti-aging medicine have repeatedly stated that “no one has ever accurately described the cascade of free radicals . . . . and why each level needs to be quenched for complete elimination.” Here is my answer to this intriguing statement: As I describe in my book “Stay 40,” the human body consumes pounds of oxygen daily through breathing. These pounds are burned in the energy factories of all cells called mitochondria. This process is only 94 to 96% efficient much like the 97% efficiency of large electric motors. The remaining ounces of oxygen (4 to 6%) is mistakenly converted into free radicals, namely superoxide. THIS PROCESS CONTINUES 24/7 IN ALL OXYGEN CONSUMING ANIMALS, AND THUS, THIS ONGOING, RELENTLESS PROCESSION OF RADICALS IS CALLED A “CASCADE.” (Imagine the damage that Niagara Falls causes by its relentlessly pounding the rocks below it in a 24/7 cascade.)

Much of superoxide is destroyed or “dismutated” by the enzyme superoxide dismutase. This important first line of defense is prevalent in humans and primates, but is often lacking in other animals and non-existent in bacteria – thus, one cause of the differences in longevity between humans and other creatures. A second line of defense is the enzyme catalase. When superoxide is dismutated, hydrogen peroxide forms. Catalase inactivates hydrogen peroxide to ordinary water and oxygen. A third line of defense employs the common Vitamins C and E. Their role is to deactivate escaping free radicals and/or peroxides. All three of these lines of defense are limited in their free radical or peroxide deactivating activities. (In fact, taking extra large doses of such vitamins shortens lifespan by overloading mitochondria. For example, the cell membranes of mitochondria only allow one molecule of Vitamin E per 50 structural molecules. Attempting to overload mitochondria weakens them and interferes with oxygen metabolism.) Thus, extra doses of these vitamins do not work in slowing aging. It’s like taking a barrel ride over Niagara Falls – not a pleasant experience! What does strengthen one’s lines of defense is a combination of powerful scavengers or quenchers that better support and reinforce all three. ACF 228 employs an optimal blend of free radical and peroxide quenchers that work synergistically in strengthening the above mentioned lines of defense – not Vitamins C and E. Notice that I used the words, “optimal blend,” since mega dosing as proposed during the ‘80s by Dirk Person and Sandy Shaw does not work. (If you doubt this last statement, take a look at their recent photos.)

5. Lets look at the efficacy of the product in other areas, for example its anti-glycosylation properties, and why ACF means “antiaging complete formula.”

ACF 228 contains other important anti-aging nutraceuticals such as l-carnosine. L-carnosine reverses cross-linking (glycation) in tissues throughout the body. For example, when “Can C” drops are used in the eyes for a period of three months, cataracts begin to dissolve and vision begins to clear – all without surgery! This same anti-cross linking or anti-glycation effect occurs throughout the body when one consumes l-carnosine. In summary, ACF 228 provides a multi-pronged attack upon aging.

6. Highlighting some of its special ingredients that are not commonly found elsewhere, for example the BHT, the DMSA, the catalase, the iodine and the NDGA. Why are they there? What do they do?

One important quencher is the special ingredient NDGA which has been extensively clinically tested and patented according to US patent 4,695,590. NDGA works synergistically with BHT in quenching the toxic free radical, superoxide. Another very special ingredient is catalase which deactivates hydrogen peroxide. NDGA and BHT inhibit further downstream aging phenomena, namely lipid (fatty) peroxides that contribute to clogged arteries and pigment formation in our aging skin (age spots or lipofuscin).

Still other special ingredients in ACF 228 work outside of the free radical/peroxide arena by addressing other undesired aging phenomena. For example, increasing one’s daily intake of iodine and iodide are known to prevent some forms of cancer often associated with aging. (Note that Japanese women have the lowest incidence of breast cancer in the world as a result of a daily average intake of 12.5 mg iodine. The second lowest incidence of breast cancer is found in Icelandic women who also consume high levels of iodine from seafood products.)

Still another special ingredient in ACF 228 is DMSA. This is known as the premier “chelator” of heavy metals since it is the only chelator that passes through the blood/brain barrier and chelates (pulls out) heavy metals such as lead and mercury out of the brain and into the urine for excretion. I strongly recommend this incredible chelator if one wishes to retain a healthy functioning brain.

7. What can patients expect to see when they use the product?

Anti-aging patients can expect to see many positive results after using ACF 228 for one month, especially if combined with balanced hormones, moderate exercise. A wise patient should take blood tests before and during ACF 228 use. For example, C-reactive protein (CRP) and blood sedimentation rate (sed rate) should improve dramatically during an initial thirty day trial. Across the board, one will attain the blood values of a younger person. ACF 228 will allow you to look, feel, and be biologically younger. Pharmacist Phil Micans of IAS promises that ACF 228 will “give yourself a complete, comprehensive tune up.”

In summary, ACF 228 encourages a multi-pronged attack upon the aging process. This occurs from consuming three times daily such advanced nutraceuticals such as patented radical scavengers, anti-glycators, chelators, and anti-cancer nutrients.