Improve your blood flow and experience the benefits of Nitric-Pro

Nitric-Pro contains a combination of natural ingredients designed to release nitric oxide within the body. Nitric oxide is a unique molecule, which improves blood flow in heart muscles and throughout the body as a whole. Taking Nitric-Pro regularly is known to improve blood circulation and heart blood flow, which has numerous health benefits.

Nitric–Pro ingredients include arginine and oxygen, which are the body’s natural source of nitric oxide. Each scoop of Nitric-Pro contains 3500mg of arginine, along with other natural ingredients designed to improve blood circulation and heart blood flow.

Nitric-Pro is supplied as a powder which, combined with water or milk, is extremely easy to consume. The combination of Nitric-Pro ingredients and the dosages provided makes it one of the most effective nitric oxide products available on the market.

How can Nitric-Pro help me?

Nitric-Pro benefits are far-ranging. The ingredients contained in just one Nitric-Pro dosage can deliver fast, significant benefits, which are particularly valuable for people at risk of cardiovascular problems or stroke.

Nitric-Pro has been proven to enhance heart blood flow and improve blood circulation, which can benefit you in numerous ways.

Nitric-Pro benefits include:

  • Lowering and normalizing high blood pressure conditions;
  • Softening arteries and reducing the risk of a cardiovascular event;
  • Lowering serum levels of cholesterol and preventing bad cholesterol;
  • Improving low blood flow by acting as an anticoagulant, and helping to protect against stroke;
  • Reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), so reducing the health risks associated with flying.

Are there any other known Nitric–Pro benefits?

Nitric–Pro has also been proven to improve blood flow to the penis, thereby improving an erection’s strength and duration. And it has even been suggested that Nitric-Pro can help hair quality and growth rate – since nitric oxide is known to improve blood flow, which in turn provides nutrition to the hair follicles.

Further Nitric-Pro benefits may include:

  • Reducing the risk of diabetes, by helping to regulate insulin secretion by the pancreas;
  • Easing breathing and helping with common lung disorders;
  • Helping to heal haemorrhoids and anal fissures by relaxing the hypertonic sphincter muscles;
  • Stimulating the release of human growth hormone, which is key to improving body composition by boosting lean muscle mass and bone density, while reducing fat tissue.

How does Nitric–Pro work?

Nitric-Pro is known to improve blood flow in heart muscles and throughout the entire body, by releasing a powerful dose of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a natural molecule that plays many important roles inside the body, the key one being to improve blood flow.

Nitric Oxide has ‘signalling’ effects and is perhaps best known for relaxing the smooth muscle of the endothelium – the inner lining of blood vessel walls. This dilation improves blood flow in heart muscles and other important organs in the body, and is particularly beneficial for people with low blood flow.

One scoop of Nitric-Pro can significantly reduce stiffness in arteries within an hour of taking. This fast relief is particularly important for people at risk of a cardiovascular event or stroke.

How should I take Nitric-Pro?

Nitric-Pro is a powder, which should be mixed with water or milk (soya or rice milk is recommended).

The recommended Nitric-Pro dosage is one scoop mixed with water or milk, taken daily, preferably in the morning. If you have high blood pressure or you are concerned about cardiovascular problems or stroke, one scoop of Nitric-Pro can be taken two or three times daily, ideally with meals.

If you are taking Nitric-Pro to avoid DVT, one scoop of Nitric-Pro should be taken one hour prior to your flight. If flying time is more than eight hours, another dose is recommended while in flight.

The unique combination of ingredients in Nitric-Pro releases a strong dose of nitric oxide within the body, making it one of the best products available for providing a smoother, healthier blood flow.


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