ACF228™ (breathe-easy inhaler)

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A specially designed mouth inhaler. The ACF228 Breathe-Easy can help those worried about their lung capacity and function, to help protect against oxygen deprivation and hopefully avoid the need for long term use of corticosteroids. In addition to the original ACF228 formula it also contains glutathione.

ACF228 - winning the war against free radicals

Looking younger, feeling younger, and maintaining youthful health has never been easier.

With ACF228 antioxidant formula, created by renowned antiaging expert, Dr Richard Lippman, you can benefit from a range of active ingredients in one easy-to-take capsule.

What are the benefits of ACF228 antioxidant supplement?

  • Safely neutralises excess free radicals by bonding with and excreting them
  • Enhances the efficiency of the free radical scavenging process with its potent antioxidants
  • Restores the body to a natural biological balance by eradicating harmful toxic free radicals
  • Combines powerful active ingredients in an easy-to-take capsule

Why do we need antioxidants?

The key to ACF228’s remarkable properties lies in understanding that:

  • free radicals play a dominate role in making us look and feel old as we age
  • antioxidants are essential to safely eliminating free radicals

In his book, Stay 40 Without Diet or Exercise, Richard Lippman posits that 73% of all physical aging is free radical-related. Free radicals are created when toxins enter our bodies and upset the natural biological balance. These ions, atoms or molecules become unpaired from their natural bonds, and are then free to cause damage throughout the body. This damage plays a big part in almost every age-related condition or illness that can afflict us – from arthritis to dementia.

Dr Lippman’s powerful antiaging formula

Dr Lippman understood that free radicals are created during a process of oxidisation in the body, and that antioxidants reversed this process. He set about developing the essential antioxidant formula. Finally, on the 228th variant, Dr Lippman created and trialled the compound which is now patented.

What ingredients are in ACF228?

ACF228 supplements contain, among other things:

  • N-acetyl cysteine: neutralises the superoxide anion radical
  • NDGA: protects cell walls by scavenging radicalised fatty acids
  • Selenium: a second-tier scavenger that binds to mercury and thus helps prevent heart conditions and immune system depletion
  • L-Carnosine: the premier anti-glycating agent which promotes skin, eye and vascular health by hindering glycation
  • reservatrol: a natural component found in red wine, which reduces cholesterol and aids weight loss.

This is just a selection of the many active agents at work in this comprehensive antiaging formula, which combine to make ACF228 is one of the most effective antiaging supplements on the market.


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