Synergistic programs – Allergy

Written by MICANS, MS, PharmB, Philip A

How to beat those allergies with our synergistic allergy pack

Allergies can become irritating or at worst debilitating enough to prevent us from conducting our lives in comfort and harmony. Whether the trigger of your allergy is pollens, house dust or another everyday substance there are common triggers at heart which include compromised immunity, inflammation and histamines.

Our allergy pack is a combination of three allergy beating substances, each of which can help you combat the allergy season, but together with their differing methods of action they can tackle the symptoms and causes of allergies on different levels allowing you to have the best possibility to have a sneeze free season.

The first of our anti-allergy products is Thym-Uvocal. This German thymus supplement is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards and is the only extract on the world market to contain all 13 of the known thymic peptides. Thymus supplements are known to support and enhance the immune system and also to lower IgE, the significant marker associated with the outbreak of allergy symptoms such as runny eyes and nose, itchiness, sneezing and rashes etc.

It is suggested that 1 of the 240mg Thym-Uvocal capsules to be taken three times a day, roughly 8-hours apart, in order to give you the protection you need throughout the day.

The second of the allergy pack is a unique enzyme product called Wobenzym. This multi-enzyme containing product has been shown to be beneficial for many problems, but in the case of allergies it is its anti-inflammatory action that perhaps is of the greatest benefit.

By controlling inflammation, Wobenzym can help prevent a chain of events that can end up in the unpleasant side effects of an allergy attack. It is suggested that 3 of the Wobenzym tablets be taken twice a day.

The third item in the allergy pack is Conjunctisan B.

Our allergy pack contains enough products for most people to survive the allergy season for approximately 6-8 weeks. We believe it’s a synergistic, efficacious and unique package that you may want to keep on hand, just in case.