NADH is the abbreviation for the biological substance Nicotinamide-Adenine-Dinucleotide. It is also known as Coenzyme -1. This coenzyme-1 is a derivate of Vitamin B3 and functions as a catalyser in every cell in our body. In simple terms NADH which is produced in our daily food, is able to produce in conjunction with oxygen, energy in every cell. 

Prof. George Birkmayer NADH RAPID ENERGY for improvement of cognitive performance.

The NADH in the prof, George Birkmayer NADH RAPID ENERGY lozenge is absorbed by the oral mucosa and improves the cognitive performance in a few minutes, particularly alertness, attention and concentration.  Hence Prof. George Birkmayer NADH RAPID ENERGY is primarily used by young active people, students, teachers, managers, drivers, pilots and flight attendants. 


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    This NADH (Coenzyme-1) lozenges gives you the rapid energy boost whenever you need it and improves the cognitive performance. A single prof. George Birkmayer NADH RAPID ENERGY tablet improves your cognitive and physical performance in just a few minutes. This can be measured by certain medical instruments. NADH increases- scientifically proven – the... This NADH (Coenzyme-1) lozenges gives...