Super Sulforaphane

Sulforaphane is a combination of two enzymes, which has the effects of an anti-inflammatory by turning down the inflammatory genes within your cells by activating NrF2 (nuclear factor erythroid-derived 2) –like2) which regulates the balance of oxidation within the cells. 2000 genes are impacted by sulforaphane. Additionally sulforaphane switches on the protective genes in your cells.


Short Storage Life

Sulforaphane is an unstable molecule, but the great thing about Enduracell capsules is that the activating enzymes are triggered by moisture, so the sulforaphane is created when the capsules are swallowed, thereby ensuring you get the maximum fresh supply of the active ingredient.


Toxin Shield

Sulforaphane helps and protects against swallowed and breathed in toxins, something so important in today industrially polluted environment.


Concentrated Powder

Enduracell capsules contain the highest amount of sulforaphane available in the market today. It undergoes rigorous laboratory analysis to ensure optimum yield is delivered in the finished product. If you were to get the same amount of sulforaphane from eating broccoli, you would need to cut up the broccoli, chew to activate, and eat it within 30 minutes to get any sulforaphane. 1 ½ capsules equal approximately 600 grams (21 ozs) of  raw broccoli.
Enduracell capsule contents are hydroganically grown, no pesticides, non GMO, no irradiated.

Get the protective power of this wonder product of nature in a concentrated, convenient capsule. 

Further reading on the benefits mentioned and studies on Sulforaphane can be found: and


Contains: Brassica oleracea var italica sprout powder 700 mg

80 vegetable capsules

Directions: Take 1-3 capsules twice daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Store below 30oC away from light and moisture.

Made In Australia 

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